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    Crazy Aaron's is the world's most well-known brand that sells the soft, malleable putty that children love. The silicone-based goo that the brand is known for has the texture and appearance of rubbery chewed gum, which makes an excellent toy for bringing out the creative side in kids and for stress relief in adults.

    As the gold standard in producing putty, you can't go wrong when choosing one of the many designs and colours available. So grab your tin of Crazy Aarons thinking putty! and start bouncing, stretching, popping and tearing your way to relieve stress and relaxing.

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    What Makes Crazy Aarons Thinking Putty Unique?

    Crazy Aaron's thinking putty is unique because of how the products are made. Unlike Playdoh and other slimes, the brand's putty doesn't dry out even when kids forget to put the lid on after use.

    Crazy Aaron's thinking putty is sold in a wide range of fun colours and designs. Some of the most popular choices include:

    • Super Scarab
    • Hot Pink
    • Ion Glow
    • Krypton
    • Super Lava
    • Mega Watt
    • Tidal Wave
    • Speckled Egg

    Additionally, the materials used in making Crazy Aaron's Thinking Putty are non-toxic. Children aged three years old and up can play with the stretchable putty to inspire creativity, curiosity, and innovation.

    About Crazy Aaron’s Thinking Putty

    Crazy Aaron's is a brand founded by Aaron Muderick in 2002. He came up with the idea of creating his signature toy putty when he realised that the existing ones available at the time could be improved. In addition, he believed that with the advances in science and engineering, there had to be a way to make putty more child-friendly.

    That's when the founder decided to go all in. He taught himself chemistry and physics and began experimenting with what would be the first batch of his Crazy Aarons Thinking Putty. Aaron immediately realised that because of the uniqueness in creating his product, he needed to have his own factory to make the thinking putty efficiently and effectively.

    When they first started in 2002, Crazy Aaron's was just run by Aaron and his wife together with a few teenagers from the local community. The company needed extra hands to help with making their products.

    Having worked at a dog tag factory during high school, Aaron remembered how people with special needs were among the happiest employees. He recalled how these individuals always came into work with a smile and a bounce in their step.

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    Crazy Aaron's started bringing in amazing people with intellectual and physical disabilities to help in his factory. The brand has grown so much that they now work together with several vocational centres in Philadelphia.

    Crazy Aaron's founder and CEO, Aaron Muderick, remains committed to supporting many charitable organisations. He aims to employ and empower people with disabilities, which his business is about.

    Today, more than 800 individuals with developmental and intellectual concerns work in creating Crazy Aaron's putty.

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