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    Find all the latest MindWare toys for your child in one convenient location! Sensory Assist is committed to offering high-quality toys for kids of all ages across Australia. Our mission and vision align with many manufacturers who believe in the power of playful learning, MindWare being one of them. Browse our selection of this top brand’s brainy toys for your child.
    5 products
    Mindware Sensory Genius Toys & Games Finger Fling
    Mindware Sensory Genius Toys & Games Finger Fling
    Finger Fling
    Mindware Sensory Genius Toys & Games Pencil Pushers
    Mindware Sensory Genius Toys & Games Pencil Pushers
    Pencil Pushers
    Mindware Sensory Genius Sensory Toys Stretchy Strings
    Mindware Sensory Genius Sensory Toys Stretchy Strings
    Stretchy Strings
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    MindWare Brainy Toys for Kids of All Ages

    MindWare is an award-winning company committed to offering brainy toys and games. With a MindWare product, any child will enjoy playtime while developing their brain with various sensory products.

    Our collection of MindWare products includes all the company’s latest fidget toys, textured items, and brain exercise games. If you cannot find the item you’re looking for, please contact our team for assistance. Our experts are standing by and ready to help resolve your concerns.

    Helping Parents Give Their Children the Best MindWare Toys

    As parents, you can count on our dedication to seeing children happy. We are committed to giving children lasting experiences that contribute to their overall development. Our collection of MindWare toys reflects the original company’s devotion to high-quality toys that exercise children’s brains.

    Elevate your child’s playtime experience with unique toys that develop their minds through entertainment. Parents who might not have enough time to spend with their children also benefit from MindWare products by keeping children entertained while they aren’t around. Browse our range of MindWare toys now.

    About MindWare

    Since 1990, MindWare has created, manufactured, and distributed high-quality Brainy Toys for Kids of All Ages. Its dedication to playful learning has earned it its award-winning status.

    Today, many customers demand items from the company’s unique collection of brainy toys and games. It has come to a point where MindWare developed a global shopping function. Now, anyone has access to over 50,000 educational and exciting play products.

    Allow Sensory Assist to be your bridge to these in-demand items. We are equally dedicated to fostering growth, success, and lifelong learning through high-quality products. As such, we make MindWare products readily available in our shop.

    Mindware Sensy Band

    Significant Events

    • 1997: Bella’s Mystery Deck debuted, MindWare’s first propriety product and remains a best-seller.
    • 2013: Oriental Trading Company acquired MindWare and became a company under Berkshire Hathaway.
    • 2016: Global Cart shopping function launched, giving more people access to its quality products.

    Awards Won

    • Mensa Select: Certifies original, challenging, and well-designed products.
    • Good Housekeeping: Certifies toys that foster brain-boosting, proper fitness, and imaginative play.
    • Parents’ Choice: Certifies popularity and reliability among parents with shared goals for their children.
    • Spiel des Jahres: German award-giving body dedicated to recognising family-friendly game designs that promote excellence.