Plug & Play Puzzler

Plug & Play Puzzler

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Age: 6+
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Choking hazard. Small parts.

Challenging and fun, The Smart Games Plug & Play Puzzler is hours of entertainment packed in an exciting, colourful cube!

Doubling as a fidget game, this addictive 3-D brain-teaser stimulates the senses. It tests any skill level, from beginner to master. Plus, there's no setup required. It's an easy puzzle that's great to take anywhere.


Forget about boredom with the Plug & Play Puzzler. Instead, kill some time, occupy yourself, and energise your mind with its 48 challenges. It's a single-player mini-game designed for ages six and up, progressing from easy to expert. So hone your skills, increase your brainpower, and figure out creative ways to solve problems.


The Plug & Play Puzzler comes with a white cube frame. Inset are eight coloured pieces that fit in various ways. There's also a booklet containing the 48 unique challenges and their solutions.

How to Play

Each challenge has a colour photo of one side of the cube. Using this picture as a guide, follow the pattern, carefully arranging the pieces within the frame. Make sure none are sticking out, and all sides are flat. The result should be a perfect cube.

For every challenge, there is only one correct result. Once you think you have it, refer to the solution section at the back of the booklet. Then, match it up to see if you're right.


With dozens of ways to complete the puzzles, this game is a beautiful way to enhance your strategic performance. It also boosts cognitive ability. It encourages problem-solving, but it increases spatial insight and improves concentration.

The Smart Game Plug & Play Puzzler offers a wealth of convenient entertainment. Stimulate your brain and develop new skills. Have some fun while taking on the challenge of solving puzzle after puzzle. Improve your mind with this portable and fascinating game!