Super Genius - Alphabet

Super Genius - Alphabet

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Choking hazard. Small parts.

Super Genius Alphabet is an excellent educational game in which the player matches a letter in the English alphabet with an illustration. Each letter corresponds with only one of the illustrations, all of which are vibrant and familiar. It’s a children’s game that helps them learn how to sound out letters in a fun way. 

You can set up Super Genius Alphabet so your child plays alone or with other children. You can have them play cooperatively or competitively when playing it with other children. Either way, there are multiple ways to play the game. As a result, your child doesn’t get bored because they can engage with the game differently. 

Benefits of Playing Super Genius Alphabet

Playing Super Genius Alphabet benefits a child in many ways. First, matching letters of the alphabet with specific illustrations improve the child’s visual perception as they learn to associate certain images with specific concepts.

Second, Super Genius Alphabet improves a child’s focus and attention because as they play the game, they learn how to concentrate on a single task for a sustained period. This positively impacts the child’s general learning capacity in other areas.

Third, this educational game helps the child develop their speech and language skills. These benefits are not limited to English because the skill of sounding out many English phonetics carries over to other languages.

Lastly, playing Super Genius Alphabet can help enhance the child’s cognitive capacity. The more they play the game, the quicker the child can make mental associations between letters, sounds, images and general concepts.

An Excellent Game for Kids With Varying Needs

The benefits of Super Genius Alphabet make it an excellent educational game for children in early childhood with different needs. Furthermore, it’s small enough to fit inside a bag, making it portable. So, you can carry it on trips or at the restaurant to keep a child occupied and minimize anxiety.