Super Genius - Reading 2

Super Genius - Reading 2

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Age: 6+
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Prepare your child for advanced language skills through Super Genius-Reading 2. This excellent reading and matching game emphasizes the Dolch list of children's common sight words. It is short, fun, and one of the best for kids to sharpen their visual perception.

Super Genius - Reading 2

Super Genius game allows children to match between two words, two images, or a word. Two cards are always a match in the Super Genius-Reading 2. The game is suitable for 1-6 players as it boasts illustrated rules and 62 cards.

Super Genius-Reading 2 Specifications

Developers of the Super Genius-Reading 2 include experienced learning professionals who created it with kids in mind. The game enhances the player's visual skills while challenging focus, scanning, and perception. Super Genius enhances the player's reading skills to the next level and sharpens their reaction time. In addition, they exercise cognitive speed and fine motor skills in a fun, immersive learning environment.

Enhance Problem-Solving Skills

The action a player takes influences the solution. To do everything right with Super Genius, a child must master strategy and quick thinking in a fast-paced fantasy atmosphere. This is a skill they can apply to real-world situations. Research shows that strategy-based games like Super Genius improve problem-solving skills in children and tend to reflect better grades.

Super Genius advances auditory processing, image visual-spatial manipulation, and visual processing. By matching images or words, the game demands them to manipulate, mentally transform, interpret and match dynamic images.

Super-genius is an innovative game for any parent looking to improve their children's learning process. This game has many advantages for early learners, including environmental input sensitivity, speed processing, task switching, mental rotation, and attention improvement. Once players acquire these skills in a fun gaming environment, they're more likely to transform them in an online or physical learning environment and other daily activities.