3 Fun and Creative Things to Do with SPEKS Spectrum Magnetic Beads

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There are many psychological benefits of fidget toys, from improving focus and relieving anxiety. But did you also know that toys like magnetic beads can expand your creativity? 

If you are looking for ways to take a break from your task, try SPEKS Spectrum Magnetic Beads for a fun-building session. 

Here are three ways to play with your beads and create something amazing. 

SPEKS Spectrum Magnetic Fidget

1. Create Colourful Photo Frame with SPEKS Spectrum Magnetic Balls

You may know that fidgets like magnetic beads toys are great for improving your child's motor skills, but they can also help you. Test your hand-eye coordination and artistic skills by creating a photo frame with your magnets. 

The SPEKS Spectrum toy offers a full range of colour options to make your project stand out or blend into your home or office design. The 512 magnets come in red, pink, purple, blue, teal, green, and yellow to mix up your colour palette.

Display your family photos or design a magnetic mosaic within your picture frame.

2. Use SPEKS as Office Supply Containers

Bead magnets have practical uses as well. For example, turn to a magnetic bead toy for inspiration if you are in your office and need to redesign or decorate your desk. 

Fold, mesh, and flatten your beads in cylinders, cubes, and flat surfaces to use around the office. You might crack a smile every time you reach for a pen when it is encircled in bright magnetic beads.

And the best part about SPEKS Spectrum beads is that they are easily transformed into the next item you need. That is because magnetic beaded shapes are mobile and adjustable to your touch. So use the right side of your brain and give your analytical mind a break by thinking outside the box by creating a container for your paper clips.

3. Keep Your Mind Sharp With a SPEKS Spectrum

If you want to get creative, then develop a game for yourself. Use each magnet bead like a puzzle piece to create beautiful designs. Of course, this is only possible when you use your 7-colour SPEKS Spectrum toy that offers a wide range of colour combinations. 

After you complete your puzzle, use it as wall art or as a backdrop to your cubicle. The magnetic stand is perfect for showing off your creation to your co-workers. You will be satisfied by your accomplishment and get to look at it with appreciation throughout the day. 

When you want another challenge, rearrange your beads to create a new puzzle. 

Adding to Your SPEKS Magnetic Beads Collection

If you want to expand your creative potential, then all you need to do is collect more magnetic beads. Each pack of beads is compatible, so you can decorate your space as much as you desire. 

Check our product page for SPEKS Spectrum Magnetic Beads to get playing.

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