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    With our special bath toys, kids don’t have to sulk when putting toys away to get ready for bath time! Sensory Assist is dedicated to playful learning in a child’s essential development years. We offer bath time toys to keep them engaged while staying clean.

    Our bath time toys range from water wheels to mini basketballs to make time in the water livelier. Count on us to have the perfect item suited to your child’s unique interests. Browse our bath toys designed for children of all ages with special needs!

    12 products
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    Benefits of Water and Bath Toys

    Bath time is meant to help your child wind down after a long day of playing and learning, but introducing toys during bath time allows you to help them continue developing in fun ways. For example, playing with water toys during bath time can help improve your child’s:

    • Focus: Bath time tends to be free from many distractions, unlike most times of the day. As such, it is the best time to bond with your child properly and develop meaningful interactions with them. Bring in special toys during this time to keep them occupied while you rinse them off.
    • Language Development: Bathtime toys can be educational to give you opportunities to talk with your child. For instance, dinosaur bath toys are great ways to help your child practice the creatures’ names. Also, get your children water toys to exercise their imagination while bathing.
    • Independence: Bath time is an opportunity to teach your child about hygiene and self-care. You can introduce activities that involve putting away the bath toys once bath time is over. Give your child extra motivation to take a bath by having these special toys in the bathroom ready for them.
    • Fine Motor Skills: Toys designed for bath time tend to be easy to grip and squeeze, making them great tools to work out your child’s fine motor skills. Other water toys feature animal designs, opening the possibilities for making up games for your kid while taking a bath.
    • Sensory Abilities: Water toys open a new world of tactile sensations for your child because of the soap and water involved. Water temperatures also come into play. Exercise your children’s sense of touch with high-quality bath toys.

    Guaranteed High-Quality Bath Time Toys

    Water toys are great learning tools to give your kids to foster a healthy relationship with bath time. Being exposed to water, you want to ensure they maintain their quality even after getting wet several times. Rest assured that the products we feature in our collection of bathtime toys are from the most reliable manufacturers only.

    Bathtime toys are also common and highly valued in schools and hospitals, making their high-quality status imperative. Experts in these settings understand the importance of a child’s development in any activity. When it comes to taking a bath, having special toys effectively adjusts a child’s behaviour toward self-hygiene.

    Water Magic Cube by Edushape

    Curated Selection of Bath Time Toys

    We carefully selected the best bathtime toy products in our collection. Our dedication to proper child development drives us to curate our shop with high-quality bathtime toys in their most crucial years. Rest assured that all items you find in our shop are suitable for children with special needs.

    If you cannot find what you need, get in touch! We are glad to assist in any way we can. Allow us to place an order for the bathtime toy you want or recommend alternatives. Trust that we have ways to get high-quality water toys for your child’s unbridled fun during bath time.

    Foster Imagination With BathTime Toys

    Our carefully curated collection of bathtime products includes safe and waterproof toys in exciting shapes. In addition, we are proud to deliver unlimited forms of fun for your kids to enjoy the water with shapes that include dinosaurs, cars, dress-up, and jungle animals.

    Bath time is a great time for your child to exercise their brain in a calm environment. Whether they enjoy cars, clothes, or animals, they can develop their interests even when taking a bath. Pick your child’s favourite set of water toys from our collection now!