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    Sensory development is vital for all children but can be trickier for children with special needs. Luckily, many different toys and tools can help with varying sensory experiences and development components. We provide toys that can bridge the gap for your special needs child for visual sensory development.
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    Kaiko Hand Function Sand Art Sandscapes
    Kaiko Hand Function Sand Art Sandscapes
    Sand Art Sandscapes
    Sensory Support Sand Art Scape Purple Sand Art Scape
    Sensory Support Sand Art Scape Red Sand Art Scape
    Sandscape Sand Art
    Edushape Sensory Toys Water Spinner
    Edushape Sensory Toys Water Spinner
    Water Spinner
    Edushape Sensory Toys Water Whirly
    Edushape Sensory Toys Water Whirly
    Water Whirly
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    Increasing Your Child's Visual Sensory Awareness

    The toys in our visual sensory category can help your child's brain development in a relaxing, calm environment. These visual tools can help them develop their gross motor skills, grasp things more naturally with their hands and fingers, help enhance coordination, and more.

    For visual skills specifically, these tools can help with visual sensory input. In addition, these toys will help boost your child's critical thinking, organisational, and deductive reasoning skills. We are proud to offer these tools at affordable prices so your child can develop their visual sensory skills and not be left behind.

    Vibrant colours and contrasts in the form of interior nursery toys or other smaller toys can captivate a younger child's attention and stimulate their visual interest.

    Browse through our inventory and find first-hand how these toys can benefit your child's visual sensory development!

    Different Types of Visual Sensory Tools

    Many different toys and tools are available that can aid with visual sensory development. These tools can have cross-applicability for different sensory categories as well. For example, a putty toy generally used for hand strengthening and ADHD fidgeting can also help with visual development as your child will learn to process different textures, shapes, and colours.

    Other types of sensory toys that can be used for visual development include tangle tubes, stuffed animals, construction building items (like Lincoln Logs), blocks with peg connectors, orbit balls, anti-stress balls, mini slide shows and other projection-based toys, puzzles and shape-based toys, colouring books, match-the-shape style puzzle games, and more.

    For visual aids, the surface and texture are significant factors with these types of toys for sensory awareness development. For example, shiny or crinkly surfaces can be helpful visual aid tools.

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    What Are the Benefits of Sensory Play?

    There are multiple benefits to using toys for sensory play and development. These can include:

    Cognitive Stimulation

    Visual sensory play can help strengthen your cognitive development, enhance memory capabilities, and well with hand-eye coordination.

    Language Development

    With all this sensory exposure, your child will need a way to express themselves and their discoveries. These sensory tools will encourage your child's language development skills as they increase their word association and auditory skills. Your child will also learn to associate a visual component with an auditory counterpart.

    Motor Skill Development

    Visual sensory development toys will help with both fine and gross motor skills. Fine motor skills deal with small muscle groups and translate into activities like tying your shoelaces, writing, and colouring. Gross motor skills are associated with activities like walking, running, and jumping. Visual toys will help your child develop these skills, as they will learn to rely on their fine and gross motor skills to reach whatever visual cue they are going for.


    Awareness is vital in cognitive development. These toys will bolster their visual and spatial awareness over time. This will increase their experience with different colours, textures, and objects. Your child will grow more confident with the visual cues and objects exposed.

    Calming and Comforting

    Children with special needs can often be distraught as they try to process and deal with their internal discomfort and frustration. Sensory tools give them a calming distraction that can help aid this discomfort while also boosting their sensory development.

    Learning While Having Fun!

    For children, framing something in the context of learning can make it boring. These sensory toys are more engaging and give children fun activities that allow them to explore their minds and abilities. These toys help them explore their surroundings and gain confidence as they progress through sensory development. The environment in which the learning takes place plays a significant factor in the success of their development. Sensory toys can help lighten the mood and create a more playful, fun environment that feels less like learning and sensory development therapy and more like children playing innocently.