Tactile Sensory Development

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    Give your child a toy to help their sensory processing from our special collection! Sensory Assist offers a wide range of textured toys to stimulate children's brains as they explore the world through tactile input and hands on activities.

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    Gross Motor Skills

    We understand the importance of exercising children's sense of touch for social and emotional development, and body awareness. Sense of touch is a critical tactile sense for long-term development and processing of sensory information.

    We aim to make the sensory experiences more enjoyable for them to grow by supplying toys specifically designed for tactile input.

    Provide countless opportunities to enhance sensory integration with a touch toy from our collection!

    Types of Sensory Input Toys

    Sensory Assist's wide range of whole body tactile sensory games and toys includes tactile toys, such as:

    • Sensory Balls:

      Build your child's motor skills as they explore different sensations with our Edushape sensory ball toys. These special balls come with sensory dots to help kids grasp the toys easily and improve fine motor skills. Apart from their intriguing textures, these toys come in fun colours to grab your kid's attention and enhance sensory play.

    • Sensory Blocks:

      Give your child countless opportunities to have fun with a single toy set with our sensory puzzle blocks. Kids can have fun sorting the different parts by colour, stacking them on top of each other, or finding ways to fit them together. Like our sensory ball toys, these blocks come in textures that exercise children's brains and enhance their sensory play.

    • Water Toys:

      Keep your child's mind engaged during bath time with our curated selection of sensory bath toys, especially if your child struggles with this daily routine. We offer water toys by Edushape that your kid can enjoy discovering the variety of ways they can play with them. During bath time, children's whole bodies are exposed to different tactile sensations, making it the perfect time to exercise their sense of touch!

    Our range of toys promote a healthy tactile system to stimulate your childs sensory receptors through tactile experiences. In short, we aim to promote your child's growth through hands on activities.

    These toys are sure to open a new world to explore by touch. Find these toys and more in our collection of toys for the tactile system!

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    Ball play

    The Importance of Tactile System Development

    Tactile learning is vital for children's physical, emotional, cognitive, and tactile system. As they explore their surrounding environment through their sense of touch, they learn about the world around them and develop essential life skills.

    Tactile system toys can make exploring this sense as enjoyable as possible. With a special toy designed to exercise whole body tactile input, they can have fun while developing essential skills! Its the perfect sensory diet to grow fine motor skills.

    At Sensory Assist, we can assure you that the tactile system toys we offer are specially designed to promote the obsorbition of tactile information through various textures. We aim to provide the best possible tactile learning experience for your child in the outside world!

    Some alternative ideas to toys are:

    • Finger Paint or Finger Painting
    • Art projects - involve an art project in your daily routine
    • Trace letters
    • Tummy time

    Talk with your pediatric therapists or occupational therapists to discuss specific needs and recommendations suitable for your circumstances.

    Benefits of Tactile Input Toys

    Some benefits of tactile sense toys include:

    • Physical Development:

      As children exercise their sense of touch, they also develop fine and gross motor skills. They learn how to use their hands to manipulate different objects and improve their physical abilities and hand-eye coordination.

    • Cognitive Development:

      Tactile sensory development helps children understand the connection between their brains and bodies. They learn how to process information and make decisions.

    • Emotional Development:

      Sensory toys can help children regulate their emotions. They learn how to cope with new sensations as they feel different textures, shapes and object. This can help them deal with new challenges as their body and brain grows.

    • Social Development:

      Tactile sensory development toys can help children interact with others and build language skills. They learn how to share and take turns as they play with tactile objects. They also learn how to communicate their needs and wants as they play.

    Expose your child to all these areas of development by giving them a tactile sensory development toy! With our wide range of sensory toys, we are confident in having the perfect toy for your child. Browse our collection now!