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    Kaiko Fidgets began in 2017 when the creator, Kai, saw a lack of fidget styles and designs in the Australian market. He needed them for himself, as he struggled with dyslexia and autism. By the age of 11, he started to make designs with the help of his mother. One of his first designs was a metal fidget, which quickly became popular in his area.


    33 products
    Kaiko Hand Function Stretchy Sand
    Kaiko Hand Function Stretchy Sand
    Stretchy Sand
    Kaiko Hand Function Sand Art Sandscapes
    Kaiko Hand Function Sand Art Sandscapes
    Sand Art Sandscapes
    Kaiko Hand Function The Fidget Kit
    Kaiko Hand Function The Fidget Kit
    The Fidget Kit
    Kaiko Hand Function Puzzle Ball
    Kaiko Hand Function Puzzle Ball
    Puzzle Ball
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    The family began Kaiko Fidgets after seeing a business opportunity. Its name is a combination of Kai and his younger brother, Kobi, and the company showcases the siblings’ favourite colours within the brand. With the help of their parents, they have been able to develop different types of fidgets and toys to help special needs children.

    With a careful selection of products and materials, each product can assist with a person’s daily life. For example, some tools are for harm minimisation, while others give a soft and soothing feeling. Other products are similar to the fidgets, providing rhythmic stimming, which helps against anxiety. The goal is to provide support to a wide range of needs.


    Kaiko Fidgets is a family business that aims to fill the unmet needs of children with special needs. If there is anything you can’t find out there, the company can implement your suggestions in future products. They love it when people share their feedback and needs.

    Each member of the family has a vital role in running the business:


    Kai is the brainchild behind Kaiko Fidgets and the source of many of its ideas. He has dyslexia, autism, and anxiety, but they haven’t stopped him from finding solutions to problems. The business has helped improve his self-esteem, and he plans to continue to work on Kaiko for the foreseeable future.


    Kai’s mother has worked as an occupational therapist for over 25 years. She is responsible for conversing with customers and helping them find the items they need. Her input with design and manufacturing has helped grow Kaiko to what it is today.


    Kobi came into the business in 2020 and is an apprentice under his brother. Since then, he’s become more involved with current designs.


    The brothers’ father is considered the master creator. He is responsible for finding products and materials that suit the business. He also attends various events and is responsible for operations.

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    While it is a family business, the dedication to achieving top quality products is present within Kaiko. The company strives to show attention to detail, and they have a strict quality control process. Since 2017, Kaiko has become one of the most recognised Australian fidget brands. The company continues to grow, and Sensory Assist is proud to showcase its products as a part of our selection.

    If you’re looking for Kaiko Fidgets, check our selection today. We offer toys and tools that help children with different special needs.