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    Playtime is serious business for your infant. It is how they learn and explore the world. See how our line of educational toys for infants can help with that process.
    15 products
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    Boost Your Child's Development

    To grow and develop properly, your child needs a stimulating environment that challenges their mind and helps them understand new things. At Sensory Assist, we have carefully curated a line of toys to help them do just that. All our toys are chosen for the benefits they provide your baby and their safety and durability. Explore our collection today to find the perfect toy for your baby or select the ideal gift for a friend.

    All the Toys You Need to Support a Happy, Healthy Child

    Shopping for the best infant toys can be challenging and overwhelming, but we are here to make the process simpler. Each toy we have chosen addresses a specific learning process to ensure that you are making a wise investment in your child's development.


    Sure, stuffed animals are adorable, but did you know that they also play a vital role in your child's development? They can help support pretend play, memory, language development, word recognition, etc. Stuffed animals are also an excellent way to offer comfort in new or overwhelming situations. So find your baby's new best friend today! We also provide a selection of weighted stuffed animals to increase comfort for children with diverse needs.

    Sensory Toys

    Sensory toys are an excellent way to help your child experience new stimuli and make new connections in their brain. This supports a better understanding of how their senses work and the world around them.


    Your baby explores the world with their mouth. When you choose our unique teething toy, you give your baby a safe alternative to chewing on household items. Our teething toys are bright, made from safe and durable materials, and designed to delight little ones.

    Learning Toys

    From building blocks to stackers to puzzles, we offer an excellent selection of learning toys to help your little one understand how things work. In addition, our learning toys can help your child learn concepts such as object permanence and begin to develop their hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills.

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    Why Play Matters for Your Infant

    Play is one of the essential parts of childhood as it allows your child to build all the skills they need for adulthood. This includes language development, creativity, social skills, emotional intelligence, dexterity, and eye coordination.

    Boosts Language Development

    Our toys are made with bright colours and are designed to engage your child. When you play together and narrate your actions, you help your child learn the words for colours, shapes, animals, and more.

    Builds Cognitive Skills

    Our puzzles, building blocks, and other educational toys help your child build memory and problem-solving skills. As they stack or manipulate the pieces, they learn to overcome challenges and discover how things work.

    Helps Develop Creativity

    Toys can promote creativity in a variety of ways. For example, they allow your infant to develop the skills necessary for pretend play and enable them to explore new ways of doing things. This builds powerful connections in their brain for later in life.

    Social Skills and Emotional Intelligence

    Plushies and other toys give your child the opportunity to model certain social skills and learn how to share and take turns. You can also use their favourite plushie or figures to explain feelings and allow them to begin to act out simple scenarios. Even young babies will benefit from you narrating these concepts and ideas.

    Helps Build Fine Motor Skills

    As your baby begins to stack, sort, and move their toys independently, they are building the hand-eye coordination they will need for everyday activities. This can help support your baby's development as they become more independent.

    Give the Gift of Healthy Development

    Do you need the perfect gift for a friend, grandchild, niece, or nephew? Are you attending a baby shower? With dozens of toys to choose from, we have something for everyone. Whether you want to add a sweet plush to your gift or you want to help a special little one ease their teething woes, we have something they will love. Of course, parents will also appreciate such a thoughtful gift.

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    Shop Our Collection of Infant Learning Toys Today

    Our toys are an excellent choice if you are looking for the perfect way to help your baby develop the skills they need to thrive. Shop our collection today to find the perfect one for them.