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    Discover the world of Speks, your ultimate destination for high-quality, fun, and stress-relieving magnetic balls. Our Speks collection offers a variety of styles and colours, perfect for both casual and formal settings. These versatile magnetic balls can be moulded, mashed, and built into endless geometric shapes, providing a creative outlet and a satisfying sensory experience.

    Our collection includes the classic Speks Original, the vibrant Speks Spectrum, and the playful Speks Super Balls, among others. Each set is designed with attention to detail and longevity in mind, ensuring you get a product that not only looks good but also lasts.

    Whether you're looking for a stress-relieving toy for your desk, a unique gift for a friend, or a creative outlet, our Speks collection has something for everyone. Explore the range today and experience the satisfying crunch of Speks magnetic balls.

    11 products
    SPEKS. Toys SPEKS Spectrum
    SPEKS. Toys SPEKS Spectrum
    SPEKS Spectrum
    SPEKS. Toys SPEKS Fleks
    SPEKS. Toys SPEKS Fleks
    SPEKS Fleks
    SPEKS. Toys Moonstone SPEKS Luxe
    SPEKS. Toys SPEKS Luxe
    SPEKS Luxe
    SPEKS. Toys SPEKS Solids
    SPEKS. Toys SPEKS Solids
    SPEKS Solids
    SPEKS. Toys Greyscale Speks Tones
    SPEKS. Toys Speks Tones
    Speks Tones
    SPEKS. Toys SPEKS Original
    SPEKS. Toys SPEKS Original
    SPEKS Original
    SPEKS. Toys Jellyfish SPEKS Stripes
    SPEKS. Toys SPEKS Stripes
    SPEKS Stripes

    SPEKS Magnetic Balls: The Best Fidget Toys in Australia

    Discover the amazing world of SPEKS, the leading brand of adult fidget toys that has gained recognition from esteemed sources such as Business Insider, New York Magazine, Parade, Daily Beast, and Rolling Stone.

    Designed with high-quality rare earth magnets, SPEKS magnetic balls are the ultimate stress relief tools. Squeeze, stretch, and shape these magnetic balls and desk accessories to find relaxation and focus. With endless possibilities, you can build hundreds of geometric shapes and create captivating figures to decorate your office desk. Let your imagination run wild with the super cool geometric shapes of SPEKS fidgets.

    Unleash your creativity with the versatile SPEKS magnetic fidget toy. The mini magnets mash together effortlessly, thanks to their electroplated metal features, providing a satisfying sensory experience.

    Visit our website to explore our wide range of buying choices for SPEKS and find the perfect set for you.

    SPEKS Magnetic Balls for Stress Relief and Fun

    Discover a wide selection of SPEKS magnetic balls designed to provide stress relief and endless entertainment. Our collection includes:

    • SPEKS Original: Classic 2.5mm magnet balls in a convenient pack of 512, perfect for building and creating.
    • SPEKS Geode: A magnetic pentagon fidget ideal for desk workers, offering a unique shape for tactile exploration.
    • SPEKS Super Balls: Larger 33mm balls that are easy to handle, providing a satisfying sensory experience.
    • SPEKS Stripes: A pack of 512 2.5mm magnetic balls arranged in a captivating stripe pattern.
    • SPEKS Matte: Matte-colored 2.5mm magnetic balls that are both visually appealing and enjoyable to manipulate.
    • SPEKS Tones: Each pack contains 512 2.5mm magnetic balls in a two-tone color assortment for added variety.
    • SPEKS Fleks: A magnetic silicone building set available in various colors, offering flexibility and creative possibilities.
    • SPEKS Spectrum: Explore the vibrant world of our popular rainbow-colored SPEKS magnetic balls.
    • SPEKS Luxe: Indulge in the beauty of a single-color collection, featuring 512 2.5mm magnetic balls.
    • SPEKS Solids: Immerse yourself in the simplicity of a single-color arrangement of 512 2.5mm magnetic balls.
    • SPEKS Gradient: Experience the mesmerizing gradient colors with 512 2.5mm magnetic balls in each pack.
    • SPEKS Show Off Stand: Display your SPEKS collection proudly with our specially designed stand.

    Shop our extensive range of SPEKS magnetic balls and enjoy the benefits of stress relief and creative play. Find your perfect set today!

    Safety Precautions: Proper Use of SPEKS Magnetic Balls

    Age Recommendation: 14+ for Safe Enjoyment

    When it comes to SPEKS Magnetic Balls, it's essential to prioritize safety. These magnetic balls are intended for use by individuals aged 14 and above. Please keep them out of reach of children. Avoid placing them near the nose or mouth, as ingesting SPEKS can lead to serious injury or even death. If magnets are swallowed, immediate medical attention is necessary.

    Always supervise younger individuals when they are using SPEKS, and ensure they understand the importance of responsible handling.

    Magnetic Flux Index Rating: Ensuring Safety Standards

    SPEKS maintains its commitment to safety by designing products that meet toy and safety standards, provided they are used correctly.

    Neodymium Rare Earth Magnets: Potential Hazards

    Neodymium rare earth magnets pose a risk of choking, swallowing, and other severe injuries, particularly for children. It is crucial to keep these magnets out of the reach of children, including those with special needs. If there is a suspicion of ingestion, prompt medical attention must be sought. Swallowed magnets can pinch the intestines, causing serious harm or even fatality.

    By following these safety guidelines, you can ensure a secure and enjoyable experience with SPEKS Magnetic Balls.


    SPEKS are a fun fidget, stress relief, desk toy and so much more. Made to be the most fun stress relief desk toy around. They are the perfect size for the office. Just like magnetic putty without the mess. These rare earth magnets can be mashed into super cool geometric shapes.

    SPEKS magnetic balls are made from rare earth magnets and are an extremley fun and durable fidget toy.

    SPEKS fidgets are like magnetic putty without the mess!

    Get rid of that pesky nail biting habit and play with these odd satisfying magnet balls.

    SPEKS are 2.5mm spheres made from the rare earth element, neodymium along with some iron and boron. They are coated with a metal plating or polymer paint, and magnetised.

    Yes, SPEKS meet all Australian safety standards. SPEKS magnetic balls are recommended for use by people aged 14 or older.

    Each packet of SPEK magnet balls includes 512 2.5mm magnet balls and a handy splitter card.

    Whilst SPEKS have a low magnetic flux index rating, and meet all toy and safety standards, they are not suitable for children.

    SPEKS fidgets are recommended for people aged 14 and older only.

    SPEK Coatings: polymer paint or electroplated metal.

    Features: rust and tarnish resistant.

    Are SPEKS safe? SPEKS meet all toy and safety standards and are safe with proper use by anyone over the age of 14. Their magnetic flux index rating is less than 50, however SPEKS should never be put near or in your nose or mouth.

    WARNING : Keep Away From All Children! Do not put near or in nose or mouth. Swallowed magnets can pinch and stick together across intestines causing serious injury or death. Seek immediate medical attention if magnets are swallowed or ingested. Suitable for Ages 14yrs

    Why Choose SPEKS from Sensory Assist: A Commitment to Quality

    At Sensory Assist, we are passionate about promoting healthy and enjoyable development, not only for children but also for adults. We understand that fidgeting and restlessness can be natural reactions to stress, and we are dedicated to providing outlets that cater to adults as well.

    When you choose Sensory Assist as your supplier for SPEKS Fidgets, you support our values and join us in making a positive impact:

    • Putting People First: We prioritize serving individuals who seek stress relief, not just corporate interests. You can trust us to offer products that genuinely cater to your needs and well-being.
    • Giving Back to the Community: We collaborate with Fairy Fun, a like-minded small business, to participate in charity events aligned with our vision. Join us in our mission to find healthy outlets for stress and support worthy causes.
    • Uncompromising Quality: As Australia's leading supplier of high-quality sensory toys, we maintain our reputation by sourcing products from reliable manufacturers known for their commitment to excellence.

    Experience the difference with Sensory Assist and choose SPEKS Fidgets for a satisfying and reliable stress relief solution.

    Colorful and Mesmerizing Speks Spectrum GIF: Experience the Beauty of Shifting Hues and Magnetic Magic

    SPEKS: The Ultimate Sensory Fidget Toy

    At Sensory Assist, we are committed to providing our clients with the finest sensory items designed for both children and adults. Whether you're in need of a SPEKS product for yourself or shopping for a loved one, you can rely on Sensory Assist to meet your sensory needs. Don't forget to join our newsletter to stay updated on new and emerging sensory fidgets and other exciting sensory products.

    SPEKS are also commonly referred to as:

    • specks fidget toy
    • specs magnets
    • magnetic ball fidget toy
    • magnetic spheres

    Experience the joy of sensory play and relaxation with the versatile and captivating world of SPEKS.