Chewelry Chewable Jewelry for Autism and Special Needs Kids

Research shows that children as young as 11 months can be diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder (ASD). However, it can be hard to support your little one at this young age as they can't communicate properly. 

So, what's the solution?

Sensory chew toys are fantastic for kids with autism as they help them cope with anxiety and prevent them from putting something toxic into their mouths.

Many kids on the spectrum need oral stimulation, so getting chew toys for autism will help your child feel safe and comfortable in different situations. Therefore, before you purchase, look at this article to see if a sensory chew toy is a suitable solution for your child's sensory processing disorder needs. 

It will give you an overview of how sensory toys like chew necklaces can benefit your oral sensory seeker from early childhood and beyond. 

What Are Chewy Sensory Toys?

sensory toys for children

If you have a kid, especially a baby, you're probably used to catching them doing things they shouldn't. For instance, some like to chew on their toys or a set of keys, or other objects they've found lying around the house. 

Chewing on metal is never good, but if they do this frequently, it could be a sign of distress. Children on the spectrum might be seeking sensory input through chewing because they feel anxious. 

However, other reasons could be due to one of the following: 

  • Looking for visual stimulation 

  • Struggling to sit still

  • Teething

  • Stressed

  • Sensory Issues

All of these reasons come from a need for a sensory toy. For example, you can use a chew necklace for kids or another sensory chew toy to soothe your child's chewing tendencies and keep them happy. 

The Best Chewy Sensory Toy for Kids With Autism

So, what are the best sensory chew toys? Here's your guide for picking your next gift from our range of chew toys. 


Without a doubt, the best chewable toy is an accessory. A chew necklace for sensory stimulation is efficient and easy for people of all ages. Younger oral sensory seekers should have adult supervision when using our chewing toys. 

As a chew necklace is suitable for adults, parents, teens, tweens and younger children, you won't have to replace this item every few years as they get older. It can remain a comfort item for your kid throughout the years, which is excellent for creating familiarity for people on the spectrum. 

Sensory Chew Necklace

A sensory chew necklace is like a standard necklace but made from different materials and doesn't break when you chew on it. Therefore, it's ideal as a tactile teether for teething or to be chewed as a sensory device if they need something to keep them occupied and calm. 

You can also find them in different varieties, sizes, and toughness level, so there's something for everyone!

Benefits of Sensory Chew Toys 

Chewy necklaces have many advantages over other toys for your child with autism. This section will cover the main reasons you need to make an investment and buy one of these satisfying toys.

Sensory Filter

One of the key benefits of buying a sensory necklace is it provides a sensory filter. This is a type of product that helps to filter through different sounds, sights, textures, and smells. 

Other sensory toys like putty, fidgets, and stress balls are also ideal for people on the spectrum that struggle with sensory overload. But chewing is one of the best ways to make sense of the environment. 

So, having a chewy necklace might help when your child is out in public or when they go to school, or just need something to bite to help keep them calm. 

Better Focus 

Children on the spectrum have trouble staying focused when a lot is happening around them. So having a chewy necklace might be the secret trick to get them to complete their homework. 

The act of chewing can be a great way to encourage your child to read a book, finish a task, or keep them motivated even when the surroundings are busy and distracting.

Plus, it can be used in the classroom, so they can take it to school when they have a test or an important piece of homework to hand in. 

An alternative is our pencil toppers for older kids. Pencil toppers work the same as a chew necklace. However, they are attached as a pencil topper to their writing device. This provides them with a sensory chew to soothe themselves whilst writing.

Improve Motor Skills 

Even though fidgets are known to decrease anxiety and improve motor skills, chewy necklaces could also be suitable for practising these tasks. This type of accessory can be used for playing with your fingers as well as chewing.

That means when your child is wearing it, they can fidget with the design and chew it if they feel anxious. So just be careful when picking a chew toy. Also, ensure you get a high-quality product that is safe for use. All our toys have been chosen for brand reputation and high quality. 

Encourage Speech

Chewy necklaces are not just great for playing with and providing stimulus, but they can also support your child with their speech development. Anything that uses the mouth and tongue will help your child talk better and possibly save them from chewing on their clothes. 

However, if you want to get even more encouragement, you can also take them to a speech therapist who has the professional expertise to deal with special needs. 

In addition to chewy toys, there are many other sensory games and products that will nurture your child through the early years of their life. Thankfully, our products are designed to stimulate and inspire people with autism.

You can check out our full range of products on our website and find some helpful tips on parenting on the spectrum. The main thing is that your child has a whole toolbox of sensory toys for every occasion. 

So, you can always try chewy necklaces or chew bracelets; if they don't work, you can opt for another toy from our website. Kids love sensory toys.

Find Toys That Support Your Child 

Parenting a child, no matter if they are on the spectrum or not, is a challenge. They go through different moods, have changing interests, and experience emotional struggles on the regular. 

But chewy toys can help make everyday life that little bit easier. They can support your child in any situation so you can focus on getting more household chores done and preparing meals for the family. 

As children with special needs require more stimulus, a chewy necklace or chew bracelets will give them something to play with and chew on. It incorporates the best of both worlds!

Are you looking to buy a sensory toy, but you're worried about quality? Then, our shop is for you. Take a look at our collection and pick some of your favourites.

View our range of chewy necklace sensory tools.

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