Fidget Toys 101: Using the SPEKS Stripes

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SPEKS is a well-known brand known for its adults-only magnetic fidget toys. Several major media outlets have mentioned them, including Rolling Stone Magazine and Business Insider. Their magnetic beads have helped several adults who like to fidget. 

SPEKS Stripes toys are no exception to this. Read on to learn more about these beautiful, colourful beads. Then, you'll likely be convinced to purchase them and help yourself in many ways. 

SPEKS Stripes Magnetic Fidgets

What Are SPEKS Stripes Fidget Toys? 

A fidget toy refers to a form of toy or object that people fidget with. Many experts believe these can help users maintain their focus when they struggle to keep it. Some studies have also shown that these toys can help reduce stress. 

How the fidgets accomplish this is still up for debate, but there are theories. Some scientists believe in a concept known as 'floating attention', a piece of attention that is away from the task at hand. Fidget toys can occupy that piece of attention so that the person doing a task doesn't get distracted.  

In addition to learning how they work, experts have also classified the several types of fidgets based on their function as sensory assistants. These names are the following. 

  • Calming fidgets 
  • Alerting fidgets 
  • Chewy fidgets 
  • Resistance fidgets 
  • Tactile fidgets 
  • Popular fidgets 

You can also classify fidgets based on their physical construction. For example, fidgets can be made of liquids, magnets, puzzles, and spinners. 

What Are the SPEKS Stripes Fidget Toys? 

SPEKS Stripes are primarily sets of colourful 2.5mm magnetic beads. The magnets themselves are high-quality neodymium rare earth magnets. They're also rust and tarnish-resistant due to their special coating. 

The 'stripes' refers to the two-toned nature of every set of beads. A storage case, metal building base, splitter case, and a 16-page how-to guide are also included with every set. 

The Stripes magnetic toys need to be pulled apart and can be pushed together. Also, once you build a geometric shape with these beads, you can squeeze these shapes. Add that to the smoothness of the surface of these beads, and you've got an all-around satisfactory toy.

Like all fidgets, they can help you reduce stress and increase focus. Also, with their easy portability, you can use them at your desk or anywhere you'd like. 

If You're Interested in SPEKS Stripes, Get Them From Us 

Fidget toys seem to be able to reduce stress and increase focus. SPEKS Stripes toys can fulfil these requirements by allowing their users to push, pull, and squeeze the magnetic shapes made from them. 

If you're interested in buying SPEKS Stripes, you can buy them from us. We also sell a variety of attention-enhancing and stress-reducing toys. Buy the SPEKS Stripes here.

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