How to Find the Best Autism Products for Kids

Did you know that 1 in 150 Australians are born with Autism Spectrum Disorder (asd)?

Autism Awareness

The symptoms of autism usually start to manifest themselves when children are as young as two or three years old. Diagnosing and treating this disorder early on is vital to help and support children to learn the skills they need for a successful life.

A supportive environment and therapy will set your child up to learn essential communication, life, and social skills.

This is why it is crucial to choose appropriate autism products and sensory toys to support your child as they grow and learn. Autism is a disorder that affects how the brain develops. It commonly affects how children interact and communicate with others.

Keep reading to learn about the best autism products and how they can help kids thrive.

Why Autistic Children Need Sensory Toys

Children who suffer from autism have specific behaviours related to their disorder. This means they have different needs when it comes to learning, playing, or even self-soothing.

These behaviours can include:

  • Repetitive movements or acts

  • Self-harm

  • Co-ordination problems

  • Unusual sensory issues

  • Fixation on objects

  • Anxiety

  • Meltdown when overwhelmed

One of the most common issues that diagnosed autistic children experience is sensory overload.

Autism can lead to either an excess of sensory sensitivity or a lack of sensory sensitivity. This can look like an aversion to bright lights or sounds that overwhelm your child. The feel of clothing, or the texture of food, can also be hard to deal with.

Hypersensitive children will try to escape the sensory overload. Those who lack sensitivity to their surroundings may miss internal cues such as hunger or needing to go to the bathroom. They will often seek more interaction with their environment.

Because of developmental differences in the brains of autistic children, they also play differently from neurotypical children. They might struggle with group play activities and lack the understanding to engage with products that might otherwise be delightful to a child.

Understanding your child's unique needs will help you find the best autistic products for kids that can ease their daily struggles. Understanding your childs abilities will allow you to develop strategies to assist and identify their special needs.

Types of Autism Resources Australia 

The best autism products will help children to be at ease with different sensations. They will engage their imagination and build vital social and cognitive skills.

When choosing autism products, you can find items that help kids and adults with sensory processing disorders as well as those that aid in calming them when overstimulated. 

Calming Products

Children with sensory processing disorders can be hard to calm down when they are overstimulated. Some autistic kids will also struggle to sit down and focus on one thing, especially in a classroom environment.

A variety of products can help ease anxiety and encourage focus. From board games to other sensory tools such as weighted blankets or lap pads. The pressure from these items calms an overactive nervous system. Children with autism are more likely to focus on the feeling of the blanket than other external stimuli. 

You can also buy weighted cuddly toys in fun forms like a koala or platypus to help your child relax and stay calm. They are a great tool to assist with behaviour.

Stress balls, squishy toys, or a tangle toy that can endlessly be twisted and turned are other options to redirect excess energy and stress. fantastic for taking to schools.

There are numerous fidget toys available to help a child calm down. Putty is a classic, offering a unique tactile sensation for mental health. It also stimulates the brain and helps build hand and finger strength and fine motor skills. 

Therapy Swings

Kids with autism may struggle with a sense of change in gravity, direction, or movement. Their sense of where their body is and how it is moving can be more intense than in most people. That can be a very anxious experience for a child.

A therapy swing can help autistic children in a variety of ways:

  • Lessen sensory overload

  • Feel safe in a tight space

  • Feeling of being hugged

  • Working on posture and balance

Sitting in a therapy swing can be a very soothing activity for a child with autism.

Chew Toys from Jellystone Designs

Children with autism and sensory processing challenges will often turn to oral stimulation. They may seem to want to chew everything or put anything in their mouths. This can be dangerous and unhealthy.

Autism products such as chewing toys from Jellystone Designs give your child a safe alternative to gnaw on. These include chewable jewellery and other sensory teething devices.

Visual Timers

Children with autism can struggle with the concept of time. This can impact their ability to multitask or to plan. Not understanding when it is time to leave for school or complete homework can lead to heightened anxiety.

A visual timer with different colours and features can help your child prepare for what is next or when something is over. These products may use glitter or flowing sand to mark the passage of time. 

Products to Develop Motor Skills

Children with autism can struggle to develop motor skills. This can impact their ability to learn to write or throw a ball. It can even affect how they walk.

Motor skills delays can make it hard for kids to join in sports activities or do something like jumping or skipping.

Many autism toys will aim to develop these skills, such as a bathtime basketball hoop, or balls and toys with sensory details added to them. The added textures on these toys will encourage your child to throw them and move their little bodies. 

The Best Products for Autism Spectrum Disorder Kids

Autism can be a challenge for parents to deal with. However, there are many autism products for children that can ease the struggles of this disorder.

These range from sensory products that calm an overstimulated child to items that improve communication and motor skills.

Sensory Assist has a wide range of high-quality products for special needs kids.

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