Magnetic Fidgets: How and Why to Use the SPEKS Matte

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Research shows that fidget toys can help adults to relieve stress and focus better. These devices are great for neurodivergent people of all ages. This includes people who may have conditions such as ADHD or autism.

Because fidget toys have become a craze in recent years, it can be hard to find good-quality devices. These products need to function as well as be fun so that they can stand up to many hours of use. 

SPEKS Matte magnetic fidgets are one of the best toys out there. This is because they are portable and multi-functional. This article is here to give a rundown of these innovative magnetic beads. 

We will also cover the colour range available and a little behind the history of fidget toys.

SPEKS Matte Magnetic Balls

SPEKS Matte Magnetic Fidgets

SPEKS Matte magnetic beads come in a pack of 512 beads that are 2.5mm in size. They are made of Neodymium rare earth magnets, coated in polymer paint. This makes them rust and tarnish resistant, so they are ideal for play in all environments. 

The pack also includes a storage case to keep all the beads safe and together. In addition, there is a metal building base for all your fun creations and a useful 16-page guide. There is also a handy splitter card for when you want to break apart the beads and start again. 

SPEKS aim to provide creative stress release to those who need extra stimulation. You can squeeze, build, or crush the designs to release tension. In addition, their small size makes them perfect for carrying with you, whether at work or on the go.

You can play with the individual beads or form them into different sculptures and shapes. 

Different Colours of SPEKS Matte

There are several different colours available in the SPEKS matte range. Mixing colours help create fun and stimulating patterns with your SPEKS Matte beads. 

The first is Blush, a pastel pink ideal for a cute feminine gift. There is also Scarlett, Lime and White to mix up the colour scheme. Finally, two shades of blue, Sky Blue and Royal Blue, are perfect for relaxing fidget play. 

The Theory Behind SPEKS Magnetic Fidgets

Items that help keep the hands and mind busy are not new creations. Fidget toys have been around for centuries, including in ancient China. Baoding Balls are one of the first recorded fidget items to keep hands out of trouble!

This has developed in the 21st century to entertain those with sensory difficulties. This has resulted in many items, all ticking different sensory boxes. 

These toys can help calm anxiety and improve focus in young children and adults. So making them accessible is key to making a more inclusive environment. Magnetic toys are ideal, as they are easy to keep together and have great tactile feedback.

SPEKS - The Best Magnetic Fidget

If you are looking for high-quality magnetic fidgets, then choose Sensory Assist. We offer a wide range of fidget toys designed for all ages and conditions. At great price points, it is the smart way to shop for sensory support toys.

Check our product page for SPEKS Matte Magnetic Beads to get playing.

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