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If you are wondering how to get more creative, consider constructive play for adults with SPEKS magnetic beads.

According to LinkedIn, creativity is the second-most desired workforce quality in the world. That is because a creative mind makes you unique and boosts your problem-solving skills, making you qualified for leadership roles.  

Read on to make the best use of your SPEKS Luxe fidgets. 

SPEKS Luxe Magnetic Fidget Range

Connect all Your SPEKS Luxe at Once

Building with SPEKS is easy when you start by connecting the small magnetic beads together. However, singular beads are tiny, so it is challenging to work with each piece separately. 

By attaching all the beads, you can manipulate them with large movements rather than tedious ones. Plus, you won't lose any beads as they magnetically stick together the whole time while you create your masterpiece. 

Move Large Sections at a time with SPEKS Luxe

The magnetic spheres stay together until you move them, so don't try to take one piece off and reconnect it to another piece. Instead, move one section to change its shape through a gradual process.

A SPEKS Luxe toy moves and looks shiny like a piece of metallic marble. To sculpt your magnetic toys, move them like a piece of clay. This can be a relaxing and intuitive procedure, so take your time. 

Use SPEKS Luxe as Your Base Support

Every structure needs a foundation. This is especially true when you are using magnets. 

Place your SPEKS magnetic balls on the included metal base to secure your sculpture while you work with it. 

The platform is also great for displaying multiple Luxe colours. Choose between amethyst, gold, gunmetal, moonstone, rose gold, or silver Luxe colours. Or collect them all to mix and match for a shimmering montage of beads. 

Flatten SPEKS Luxe to Start Over

One of the best parts about a SPEKS Luxe toy is that you can use it over and over again. Unlike many creative projects, magnetic beads continuously supply more design outlets. Their battery never runs, and you never need to buy extra tools to keep creating, either. 

Starting a new project is simple because all you need to do is smash it and rebuild. 

Plus, the process of smashing and squeezing your SPEKS helps reduce stress. Your body could be stuck in fight or flight mode after dealing with a stressful situation. This can cause several health problems. 

Use the magnetic beads to ease your mind and body, much like a stress ball, by creating new works of art whenever you need to. 

Start Improving your Creativity with SPEKS Luxe

You aren't just buying a toy when you buy SPEKS Luxe magnetic beads. You also invest in your health by improving your focus and reducing stress. By doing so, you also elevate your creative potential. 

Pick your favourite colour and get your SPEK Luxe toy today.

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