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There are many ways to reduce stress, but why not choose the fun way by playing with toys? SPEKS Super Balls provide the perfect challenge and distraction to offer relief and mental clarity while having fun.

So, grab these magnetic fidget toys if you are stuck at your desk all day, feeling tired, overwhelmed, or just bored of the monotony.

SPEKS Super Balls

Get started by learning how to use them below. 

Roll SPEKS Super Balls in Your Hand

These 33mm magnetic fidget toys come with three balls per pack. This makes them the perfect size and number to fit nicely into your palm. 

Try rolling all three balls around your hand's exterior without touching each other. This task takes concentration and some skill. But, once you get the hang of it, it will also ease your tension by distracting you from your thoughts and worries. 

Clank SPEKS Super Balls Together

SPEKS Super Balls are fidget toys, but they are also magnets. Therefore, they easily connect on one side. However, the sound is quite pleasing when you clank them together on their non-stick side. 

Roll them around on your desk to hear the soothing sounds of slick metal glide across the surface and tap into one another.

Stack SPEKS Super Balls on the Magnetic Base

Your SPEKS magnetic beads always come with a magnetic base to display your creations. Use the base to stack multiple packs of balls to develop large sculptures. 

The smooth surface of the SPEKS Magnetic Balls makes them an appealing design detail for your office. Plus, they will entice clients and employees to play too. This may help ease the tension in starting an intense business conversation. 

Use SPEKS Super Balls for Your Office Supplies 

This type of magnetic fidget isn't just for fun, they are also practical. For example, use SPEKS Super Balls as paperweights for your documents. Or stick those loose paperclips to them, so they are always there when you need them.

Stick two of the balls together to create a handy business card holder for your clients.

Use your imagination for just about anything in your office. 

Give SPEKS Super Balls as a Work Gift

You may not think of fidget toys as great office gifts. However, these toys are made just for adults and, more specifically, people at work. They provide an outlet for a stress-relieving break. 

SPEKS Super Balls can also help you focus. Use them while brainstorming or talking on the phone to keep your mind on the topic. 

The Fun Never Ends with SPEKS Super Balls

The best part about SPEKS Super Balls is that they are durable toys. They are solid and virtually unbreakable. Plus, they are compact so that they can go with you to your next job or even off-site for meetings and conferences. 

Check out more features of the SPEKS Super Balls and get your own today. 

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