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Research suggests that 15-20% of the world's population are neurodivergent. This means that they think or feel in a different way than those who are neurotypical. This can leave them feeling stressed or anxious in over-stimulating situations. 

Magnetic fidget toys can be a great way to ease those nerves and anxieties. Using the SPEKS Geode is excellent, as it is one of the best quality fidget toys out there. This article is here to give you all the information you need about these innovative toys.

SPEKS Geode Fidget Toy

SPEKS Geode - The Benefits of Fidget Toys

Fidget toys are tools to help the user improve their focus and reduce anxiety symptoms. They can be helpful to people of all ages and with different conditions. 

There are many different forms of toys on the market, including items that spin, click or stretch. But the most popular type is magnetic fidget toys. 

They provide aid when self-regulating due to their sensory feedback. In addition, they are small, portable items, so they can get used in many different environments. Whether at work or on public transport, these toys can provide a rest bite from restlessness.

Using the SPEKS Geode 

So what is the SPEKS Geode? They are the original magnetic pentagons to keep your hands happy! Geodes are a wonderful, mysterious form when you see them in nature. They glitter on the inside despite their rough exterior. 

These stackable magnets can get constructed and deconstructed in whatever form you like. In fact, there are over 100+ different forms you can create using these toys. They come with SPEKS Geode instructions to give you plenty of ideas to get started. 

The packs consist of 12 pentagonal magnets with 60 rare earth magnetic beads. Because the tiles have 5 magnets that spin, the tiles can get connected together at any angle. So you can let your imagination run wild when building with SPEKS Geode! 

The magnets are high quality, giving a satisfying snapping sensation when fitted together. They're made from Neodymium, as well as some iron and boron. The magnets have a low flux rating and meet all Australian safety standards.

The pentagons are made from BPA-free clear and coloured materials for long-lasting enjoyment.

Fun Colour Options - Geode

There are several different colours available for the SPEKS Geode. The first is a cool Aqua colour, ideal for a calming effect. Then there is Colbalt, a striking colour for attractive geometric designs. 

If you want a pop of colour, you could choose Lava, a bright red to catch your attention. The last colour to choose from is Quartz, a beautiful pinky purple. This is an ideal gift for those women in your life who enjoy creating and using their imagination.

Enjoy Your SPEKS Geode Magnetic Fidget Toy

Magnetic fidget toys are an excellent option for those who need support with stress and anxiety. They can help make you more focused and keep your hands busy during sensory overload. Using the SPEKS Geode is perfect for all situations to stay happy and calm.

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