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A fidget is some form of object that users will, well, fidget with. In doing so, they can focus more and relieve stress. A fidget toy is just the toy version of this concept. 

These days there are several categories of fidget toys. There are ones that you can push, chew, and touch. There are also ones made of puzzles, spinners, and magnets. 

SPEKS Original Magnetic Balls

The Speks Original falls into the latter category. However, Speks Original magnetic beads can provide much of the same benefits as any fidget toy. If you're interested in learning how you could benefit from this toy, read on. 

Speks Original a brief Description 

Speks Original toys are sets of 512 2.5mm spheres along with a 16-page guidebook, a storage box, a card splitter, and a stand. The spheres are made with neodymium rare earth magnets. As such, they can stick to each other and many types of metal. 

To make Speks magnets, neodymium is added to some iron and boron and shaped into spheres. Then they're coated with a metal plating or polymer paint. Finally, they go through a magnetiser and come out as magnetised beads. 

Unfortunately, the originals only come in a silvery metallic colour in our store. However, if you want a coloured base, several other Speks magnetic beads styles have colour in our store. 

How to Use the Speks Original 

The Speks Original is intended as a tactile toy set that you can use to build different shapes. By snapping the balls together, you can make chains, tubes, 2-D geometric shapes, 3-D geometric shapes, and more. The possibilities for the shapes you can make are as limitless as your imagination. 

Also, Speks Original shapes can be great stress relievers. The 3-D shapes you make can be squeezed and smashed to your heart's content. Just be careful not to lose any of the beads during all your destruction. 

One thing to remember is that the magnets may not always stick together perfectly. This is likely because you have two north or south sides facing each other. However, flip them or turn them around, and they should stick.

Another thing to keep in mind is safety. Speks Original sets are adult toys and should be kept away from children. This is because children are likely to swallow the magnetic balls and cause health emergencies as a result. 

You should also make sure to keep them away from your nose and mouth. 

If You're Interested in Using the Speks Original, Purchase It From Our Site 

The Speks Original is a set consisting primarily of magnetic beads. Using the Speks Original by building and destroying the shapes, you can enhance your focus and reduce stress. 

We offer the Speks Original set on our site. You can also find a variety of stress and fidget toys on there. Purchase the Speks Original here.

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