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Fidgets, aka objects used in fidgeting, have been around for much longer than you think. For example, Chinese Baoding balls, like stress balls, were created in the 14th century. Eight hundred years ago, monks carried Greek worry beads known as kompoloi. 

Fidgeting with objects is an innate human behaviour. Therefore, there's nothing to be embarrassed about should you want to play with a fidget toy. Using the Speks Tones is no exception. 

There are also many benefits to using the Speks Tones and other toys. Read on to learn more; you might just help yourself in several ways.

SPEKS Tones Fidget Toy 

What are Speks Tones 

The Spek Tones fidget toy sets primarily consist of 512 2.5 mm magnetic balls in two colours. What colours you get depends on the style that you choose. There are six styles to choose from on our site, which you can find in the list below. 

  • Denim (Blue tones)
  • Cherry Pop (Red and Pink)
  • Benjamins (Green tones)
  • Deep End (Blue Green and Blue)
  • Haze (Purple tones)
  • Greyscale (Grey tones) 

The balls are made of neodymium rare earth magnets and some iron and boron. After this material is shaped into 2.5mm spheres, it gets coated with a polymer paint or metal plating. Then the balls go through a magnetiser and come out as tiny magnets. 

In addition to the balls, each set also comes with other accessories. These include a metal display stand and a plastic travel carrying case. You will also get a 16-page how-to guide that will tell you about some great shapes you can make. 

Benefits of Speks Tones

Just like with most fidget toys, when you use Speks Tones, you can reduce your stress and increase your focus. They work great as a desk toy and are very helpful in keeping you attentive when your focus starts to fade. 

They can also help your creativity. You can snap the magnetic balls together to form any shapes you desire. The only limits are the ones of your imagination.  

Once you're done building the shapes, you can squeeze them to relieve stress. Finally, you can smash and crush them into oblivion if that isn't enough. Just be sure that you don't lose any balls when you do. 

Beyond that, the Speks Tones balls can also prove a delight for the other senses. The bright, shiny colours are beautiful to the eyes. The magnets' satisfactory snapping sounds when they snap together are sure to please your ears. 

If You're Interested in Using the Speks Tones Sets, Get One of More From Us 

In sum, using the Speks Tones reduces your stress and improves your focus and creativity. Moreover, you can get sets in various beautiful colours, and they'll prove to be the perfect desk toy. 

If you're interested in purchasing some Speks Tones, consider buying them from us. We supply toys from only reliable brands of the best quality. So buy the Speks Tones here.

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