Hand Function & Strength

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    Give your child unique toys designed to develop their hand function and grip strength! Sensory Assist’s collection of high-quality sensory toys includes textured toys that target the sense of touch. Children of all ages will enjoy exploring different feelings while improving their muscle control.

    Toys for hand function and strength are also ideal tools for restless children who have trouble keeping their hands to themselves. Give your child something to keep them busy while doubling as an exercise for their fine motor skills with a toy from our collection. Learn more about how these sensory toys are great for your child.

    71 products
    Close-up view of SPEKS Spectrum Magnetic Fidget Balls
    SPEKS Spectrum Magnetic Fidget Balls in various geometric shapes
    SPEKS Spectrum
    SPEKS Gradient tower of purple and orange beads with a cushion
    SPEKS Gradient energy gels in purple
    SPEKS Gradient
    Green SPEKS Solids ball with metal cylinder
    Box containing six different colored SPEKS Solids
    SPEKS Solids
    SPEKS. Toys Moonstone SPEKS Luxe
    SPEKS. Toys SPEKS Luxe
    SPEKS Luxe
    Orange and yellow ball-shaped SPEKS Fleks toy
    A hand demonstrating a blue and white SPEKS Fleks toy
    SPEKS Fleks
    Kaiko Hand Function Black Magnetic Pad
    Kaiko Hand Function Magnetic Pad
    Magnetic Pad
    Close-up view of multiple beads from the SPEKS Tones set
    Metal bead from SPEKS Tones set displayed with a metal cylinder
    Speks Tones
    Three SPEKS Super Balls displayed on a black stand
    SPEKS. Toys SPEKS Super Balls
    SPEKS Super Balls
    Close-up of Speks Stripes Magnetic Balls, SPEKS Jellyfish Stripes
    Speks Stripes Magnetic Fidget Balls in various colours
    SPEKS Stripes
    SPEKS. Toys SPEKS Original
    Packaging of Speks Original Magnetic Balls, highlighting the set of 512 2.5mm magnet beads.
    SPEKS Original
    SPEKS. Toys SPEKS Matte
    SPEKS. Toys Scarlett SPEKS Matte
    SPEKS Matte
    Kaiko Hand Function The Fidget Kit
    Kaiko Hand Function The Fidget Kit
    The Fidget Kit
    Kaiko Hand Function Stretchy Sand
    Kaiko Hand Function Stretchy Sand
    Stretchy Sand
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    High-quality Hand Function & Strength Toys in Australia

    Sensory Assist is committed to providing high-quality sensory toys for children with special needs. We understand how integral childhood development years are, making it our goal to supply unique toys targeting children’s hand functions and grip strength.

    Sensory toys designed for children’s hand functions and strength come in different shapes, textures, and sizes. These toys give children countless opportunities to explore other tactile senses. Expand your child’s horizon with tangly, stretchy toys and giant, gripping balls to enhance their fine-motor skills.

    You can rest assured that our collection only includes sensory toys designed by the most reliable manufacturers in the industry. Healthy hands require high-quality items to ensure proper development, and we are committed to delivering such toys. Learn more about the potential of these toys in your child’s functional development.

    Benefits of Hand Function & Strength Toys for Children

    Proper childhood development requires the refinement of hand functions and grip strength. These skills are necessary to prepare your child for everyday hands-on activities — recreational and otherwise.

    Whether preparing your child to eat by themselves or training them to engage in sports, tactile toys are ideal training tools for growing children’s hands. Consider these advantages of introducing these special sensory toys to your child:

    Calming Fidget Tangle

    Develop Hand-Eye Coordination:

    This skill is necessary for children to translate their visual input into physical activity. Practically, kids can use this skill to hold utensils, feed themselves, and dress themselves. Hand-eye coordination also develops a child’s creativity by helping them colour within lines and manipulate objects into their desired shapes.

    Improve Spatial Awareness:

    Kids need to develop spatial awareness to understand how things move through the environment. This skill is essential for socialisation and will be helpful when kids show interest in sports. With hand function and grip strength toys, children can exercise their mental and physical understanding of organising things.

    Help Refine Focus:

    Sensory toys for hand function and grip strength double as special fidget toys for restless children. Kids tend to get anxious and uneasy during long car rides, making it necessary to have an outlet for their energy. With a toy from our collection, you give your child something they can concentrate on while improving their hand functions.

    Build Muscle:

    Kids who constantly use their hands slowly build hand and wrist muscles, allowing them to perform hands-on activities much better. Special toys specifically designed to improve children’s hand muscles consider how many parents expose their children to smart devices. Such devices don’t require as much hand strength, which may under-develop children’s hand muscles.

    Reduce Stress:

    Children with special needs may be going through stressful conditions in their development. Hand function and strength toys are here to help channel a child’s stressful feelings into something productive. Browse our collection to keep your kid’s hands busy while staying fit!