Lycra Compression Bed Socks

Lycra Compression Bed Socks

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Single: 92cm x 152cm
King Single: 106cm x 152cm
Double: 139cm x 152cm
Queen: 153cm x 152cm

We've reinforced these stretchy lycra items with double stitching for enhanced durability. In the rare event that you hear a single layer of stitching snap, rest assured that the second layer will provide the necessary support to prevent your item from coming apart.
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Colour may vary from pictures.
We do not exchange or refund Sensory Compression Bed Sheet for hygiene reasons. Please ensure you select these items carefully before purchasing. Suitable for mattresses up to 20cm thick.
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Elevate bedtime routines with our innovative Sensory Compression Bed Sheets. Designed to cocoon and comfort, these sheets offer a gentle, deep-pressure embrace for individuals with sensory processing concerns, including autism. Crafted for functionality and aesthetics, they're perfect for children and adults alike. 

Tailored Comfort, Vibrant Choices

Our Compression Bed Sheets effortlessly fit over various mattress types, including pillow-top ones. Crafted from breathable and translucent Lycra material, these sheets are available in a spectrum of sizes:

  • Single Bed
  • King Single Bed
  • Double Bed
  • Queen Bed

Soothing Sensory Experience

Immerse yourself in a calming sensory haven with our Lycra Sensory Compression Bed Sheets. Specially designed for those with sensory integration needs, including autism, these sheets come in Blue, Green, Red, Pink and Turquoise. Their harmonious blend of beauty and functionality makes bedtime a serene experience.

The Gentle Embrace of Deep Pressure

Once nestled within, the Compression Bed Sheets provide the cherished deep pressure sensation that individuals seeking sensory input crave. This sensation gently soothes an overstimulated nervous system, promoting relaxation and tranquillity. We advise adult supervision, especially when children are using this product.

Tailored to Your Comfort

Our Sensory Compression Bed Sheets offer respite to those seeking sensory solace. With an array of sizes and colours, there's a perfect sensory bed sheet for everyone.

Elevate bedtime with the comforting touch of our Compression sheets – a harmonious blend of practicality and sensory delight.