IQ Stars

IQ Stars

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Age: 6+
Package Dimensions: 14cm x 7cm x 3cm
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Choking hazard. Small parts.

Experts agree that we could all benefit from less screen time. So if you're searching for a quick, fun, healthy way to engage your mind during downtime, consider IQ Stars. Don't stop with yourself, though. You can gift IQ Stars to an adult or child who you want to enjoy the same benefits.

This pocket game includes a small game board containing seven star-shaped puzzle pieces and a booklet with 120 challenges, the solutions printed on the back. The game board has a transparent lid, and each puzzle piece has a different colour. The challenges help improve problem-solving, logic and concentration.

How To Play IQ Stars

The game starts with selecting a challenge and placing the puzzle pieces on the board, as shown in the challenge. Most challenges begin with one or more pieces already in place. Next, solve the challenge by filling in the empty spaces. Each challenge has only one solution.

If you plan to go with your kids to a restaurant, you can bring along the IQ Stars to keep them occupied and reduce their anxiety as you wait to be served. It's a better alternative to handing the kids your phone to play with because IQ Stars engages their minds healthily. In addition, you can play the game with the kids.

IQ Stars makes for a fun, affordable and unisex gift for children. They'll be eager to play with it as soon as they receive it because it's easy to play with. Many similar products exist, but IQ Stars is among the simpler ones. Once a person masters it, they can move on to a more advanced game version. 

A Great Travel Pocket Game for Kids and Adults

IQ Stars is an excellent game for travel because it's small enough to fit inside a suitcase, backpack and handbag. It can even fit in the pocket where you can quickly pull it out in those in-between moments throughout the day at work or school.