Kids Yoga Mats

Kids Yoga Mats

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140cm x 61cm
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Encourage mindfulness and well-being in our young ones with our specially crafted Kids Yoga Mats by Little Yoga Project. These mats are not just tools; they are thoughtful gifts designed to introduce your little yogis to the world of mindfulness and self-care.

Created in collaboration with a talented Australian Illustrator, our yoga mats are a testament to artistry and functionality. They are versatile, making them suitable for yoga practice, playtime, picnics in the park, or studio sessions.

  • Microsuede Surface: The soft microsuede surface provides a gentle touch for your child's hands and feet.
  • High-Quality Grade Rubber Padding: The mat features high-quality rubber padding for durability and support.
  • 100% Natural Rubber Base: The base is made of 100% natural rubber, ensuring an eco-friendly and non-toxic foundation.
  • Grippy and Slip-Free: The natural rubber base offers a secure, slip-free grip for stability during practice.
  • Cushioned Support: With a 4mm thickness, our mats provide cushioned support for your kids' hands and wrists.
  • Eco-Friendly and Easy to Clean: These mats are eco-conscious and easy to maintain, so you can focus on the practice.
  • Certified Safety: Our mats are certified by SGS Reach to European standards, ensuring they meet stringent safety requirements.
  • Size: Each mat measures 140cm in length and 61cm in width, providing ample space for yoga and play.
  • Included: The mats come boxed and ready for gifting, complete with a convenient carry strap.

At Sensory Assist, we prioritise the well-being and mindfulness of children. Our Kids Yoga Mats by Little Yoga Project are free from TPE and toxins, offering a safe and nurturing space for your little ones to explore yoga and self-awareness.

Nurture their minds and bodies with our Kids Yoga Mats, promoting mindfulness and well-being from an early age.