Plui Rain Cloud

Plui Rain Cloud

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If bath time has become bland and ordinary, spice things up with the award-winning Plui Rain Cloud. This awesome Moluk water product is designed for sink, bath, and pool fun. An introduction to basic physics, this toy teaches kids about gravity and the water cycle, creating rain right before their very eyes!

It Won't Rain on Your Parade

This Plui toy makes bath time the best part of the day. Thanks to its simple design, the Cloud easily fills with water when submerged. Before bringing it up, simply cover the hole on top. When released, it will magically unleash a rainstorm that's a hypnotic sensory delight.

Plui's Rain Cloud is an inspirational bath product that offers endless creativity. Furthermore, it improves hand and eye coordination, along with fine motor skills and dexterity. It's a smart toy that teaches and develops a child while they're busy having fun.

The Hidden Mechanism

The Rain Cloud has a secret. There's a hidden mechanism that allows you to open the toy to dry it out so excess water won't stagnate within. This also lets you pop it open for easy cleaning. Make sure to always take apart the Cloud before soaking it in warm, soapy water. Wiping it with a sanitising cleaner will also sterilise the product flawlessly. Further instructions for use are on the packaging.

Product Specifications

Designed for ages one and older, the Plui Rain Cloud is 92 x 74 x 70 centimetres. Its size and shape are perfect for little hands who are eager to explore and discover. Made from ABS, the Cloud is BPA-free, phthalate-free, and latex-free. This ensures the special child in your life will have a safe item designed for years of use. But always monitor this and any toy. If you see signs of damage, wear and tear, or breakage, dispose of it immediately.