Sensory Focus Pack - 3 Items

Sensory Focus Pack - 3 Items

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Can present a choking hazards and is not suitable for younger children.

Relieve your child's anxiety with our 3 Pack Sensory Focus Items. Earn more value with the Colorfall, Zip-A-Dee and Rainbow Sqwooz all in one pack. We know some children have unique needs and challenges, and we want to alleviate them by selecting anxiety-reducing toys.

The 3 Pack Sensory Focus Items are recommended for children aged five and up.


You may remember the popularity of lava lamps and how they set the mood of your living room. Then, suddenly, you're back in the present, and your child can't settle down for their afternoon nap. 

Think of our Colorfall as a mini lava lamp, but with a twist. Both bases of the Colorfall come with two unique textures. A dotted texture occupies the top while the bottom provides a zigzagged feel to the hands. 

Unlike a lava lamp, you don't need to plug this in. The colours and motion of the Colorfall can also sharpen focus. So not only can your child redirect their focus to the sensory stimulation, but the relaxing visuals can lull them to sleep.


Imagine your little one is in the backseat during a long road trip, grunting and kicking for dear life. A bored child can be quite a bit to handle! The Zip-A-Dee is a good option if your child is a tugger and likes to grasp objects.

The plastic zipper is designed to relieve anxiety by providing sensory stimulation. In addition, the toy can alleviate self-destructive behaviours like nail-biting and skin-scratching by keeping their fingers busy! 

Rainbow Sqwooz

The Rainbow Sqwooz functions as a multi-coloured stress ball. So if your child likes to squeeze, let them have a go with the Sqwooz!

The colours of the ball can provide visual stimulation while alleviating anxiety and stress. This toy can help your child safely channel their aggression while being fun! 

Safety and Disclosure

The 3 Pack Sensory Focus Items are safe for children five and up.