Starter Spoons 2 Pack by Wild Indiana

Starter Spoons 2 Pack by Wild Indiana

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Introducing our new STARTER SPOONS!

Matching our popular 4 core coloured bowls - Set includes 2 spoons. 🎂

Ok story time... I love love my silicone bowl + spoon set! Everything about it is amazing. When I started solids with my 3rd baby though I found that I needed a more narrow scoop for her little mouth, than the original silicone spoon. The STARTER SPOON has been perfect for feeding her. She loves to hold the original spoon and attempt to feed herself (Because it is wider and easier for them to hold) but this starter spoon has been so helpful for me to feed her!

Made with stiff silicone and a narrow scoop perfect for tiny mouths, BPA FREE, FDA APPROVED dishwasher safe.

This is a perfect addition to your bubs first silicone bowl and spoon set!

Made with stiff silicone and a narrow scoop perfect for tiny mouths, BPA FREE, FDA APPROVED dishwasher safe.

As your baby transitions from liquid foods to solid meals, you’ll need utensils that will make this milestone easy and enjoyable. The Starter Spoons 2 Pack by Wild Indiana is a great addition to your child’s cutlery set. Each utensil is made with stiff silicone and serves as a complement to the Silicone Baby Bowl, also from Wild Indiana. Order your starter spoons now and let your toddler have an amazing meal-time experience.

The Perfect Utensil for Solid Foods

The Silicone Starter Spoon is designed by Wild Indiana for first-time solid food eaters. Other silicone spoons have wide handles and scoop, which may aid with gripping but are otherwise too big for a child’s small mouth. However, the Starter Silicone Spoons have a narrow scoop and a wide handle. Toddlers will find it easy to put the spoon into their mouths as they attempt to feed themselves.

Safe and Easy-to-clean Silicone Spoons

The material used for the starter spoons are made with 100% FDA-approved silicone, so you don’t need to worry about the presence of microplastics. The spoons are also BPA and PVC free. Since the utensils are made from silicone, you can easily clean them with soap and water, or you can pop them into the dishwasher for more convenience.

What’s in the Pack

  • 2 pcs. starter silicone spoons
  • Available colours:
    • Blush
    • Duck Egg
    • Jett
    • Lemon
    • Sage

Special Features

  • Narrow scoop makes it easier for toddlers to fit the spoon into their mouths
  • Wide handle for easy gripping
  • Full silicone — no metal parts that may harm your child’s sensitive mouth
  • Comes in cute pastel colours that children love
  • Silicone resists damage and stains from foods