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The WHO (World Health Organization) estimates that one in three will need assistive NDIS technology at one point in our lives. However, this number is set to grow in the coming years.

Now, you might be thinking, what is NDIS? Also, does the NDIS fund sensory items? 

The good news is that this article will give you more information on National Disability Insurance Scheme equipment, where you can find approved NDIS shops, and how this type of NDIS assistive equipment, educational tools, and sensory products can provide support and help for your child. 

Your family can benefit from these fantastic inventions without breaking the bank by buying toys.

A registered NDIS provider can use ndis funds from your ndis plan as a payment method against your ndis order.

What Is NDIS (National Insurance Disability Scheme)?

If you're new to the world of NDIS, you're probably curious about finding out more about NDIS before we go into examples of NDIS consumables. 

NDIS stands for National Disability Insurance Scheme, which aims to provide families across Australia with the funds to provide better care for their children with special needs. 

This scheme helps thousands of people across Australia by providing a participant's ndis plan. Approved subscribers will have a plan manager and access to the ndis portal. In addition, there are self-managed ndis plans.

The scheme aims to support people in all areas of their lives, from access to doctors, sports clubs, libraries, and schools. That way, children won't fall behind.

They can have the same experiences as neurotypical kids and will have the suitable enrichment to keep them stimulated. In addition, many NDIS registered provider shops can assist a ndis participant in selecting and applying for a ndis payment method.

Assistive Technology and NDIS Service Agreement

Assistive technology (AT) is a term that describes items and other tools that are designed to help people with certain health conditions so they can communicate and move around in their everyday lives better. Household task assistive equipment, for example.

To keep it simple, AT can be a computer or a walking stick. There is no one specific product that is classified as AT. Here are some examples of AT for children with special needs:

  • NDIS sensory tools

  • NDIS sensory toys

  • NDIS sensory swing

Even though these are just a few NDIS sensory items, many more are available online and in stores. AT aims to nurture children through the crucial development years and give them more confidence. 

For this reason, in some cases, the NDIS will typically fund NDIS equipment in their policy if it is proven to help your child with their daily struggles (children with intellectual disabilities, for example). 

What do NDIS Funds Financially Cover?

Depending on the equipment you are using, you will have to check the criteria document to see if you are eligible for financial aid or call your plan manager for further assistance.

Thankfully, they will consider many sensory items for ndis orders. The support delivered will vary from person to person based on their special needs.

Core supports

It is important to provide evidence that the device will benefit your child's life. Therefore, the NDIS wants to know that it will give you value for your money, is effective and will be more supportive for your child. 

Other supports

If you're wondering, what can I spend NDIS funding on? These products are everyday items essential for assisting your child through their daily routines. Items such as a weighted blanket, fidget toys and other assistive equipment.

Of course, this will depend on your individual case. The NDIS website has further information on supports provided to help you determine if you qualify for this financial aid and how an NDIS registered provider shop can be used to place a ndis order. 

So, if you have more questions such as "Am I covered for funding on fidget toys or weighted blankets?" then you can browse their online service agreement, review your cover with your plan manager or call to check what is covered under your assistive products.

Sensory Equipment Your Child Needs 

Ultimately, you need to provide your child with suitable toys to grow into confident and well-rounded adults. However, children on the spectrum will require a little more stimulus than the rest. 

Whether you're a new parent or only beginning to learn about sensory play, it's never too late to pick up some sensory toys for your little one. 

Some of the most popular options for sensory toys are: 

These options are excellent for getting your child involved with some activities and encouraging them to speak as they play. However, weighted toys and blankets are also a good choice when your kid needs to calm down. 

The soothing effect of a weighted blanket will give your child the support and safety they need in times of stress. 

Tips for Buying NDIS Sensory Equipment

There are several things to keep in mind when purchasing support equipment. Firstly, you need to ensure that the items fall under the "low cost" category if you have funding for assistive technology. 

As long as the items are reasonable, related to the health condition, don't cost too much, and are not high risk, then you should be fine. The term high risk refers to things like trampolines and room kits. 

Quality support

The next thing to consider is where to buy your sensory toys. You want to make sure that the shop is within your NDIS funding plan and that they have good reviews for their products. 

If you are a parent looking to buy a toy for your child, you can purchase the item and claim the amount later on from NDIS. However, if you're still confused about the process, don't worry. 

Our team at Sensory Assist can help you in the right direction! 

We want to ensure your children have all the core supports they need to thrive, which is why we offer the best products on the market. 

Buy NDIS Sensory Equipment Today

After reading this article, you know about the NDIS and where to find NDIS sensory equipment, so all that's left for you to do is browse our collection and pick some fun toys for your child to try! 

We have a full range of portable options and comfort items like weighted blankets on our online website. We can also help you find the perfect toy if this is your first time. 

Just get in touch, and we'll be happy to assist you in buying your next sensory times. Of course, everything you need is on our website, so what are you waiting for? 

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