Diatomite Fast Drying Bathmat (50x80cm)

Diatomite Fast Drying Bathmat (50x80cm)

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Dimensions: 50cm x 80cm
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This Bathmat is fast drying, lie flat and has excellent water absorption. Easy to clean with a simple, minimalist style - A perfect addition to your bathroom floor.

Ultra Water Absorbency
Diatomite is a natural siiceous rocky soil accumulated over years in fresh water lakes. with neutral PH, safe, light and soft. It containes millions of micropores allowing the bathmat to be very absorbant and fast drying!

Antislip and Safe
The surface has a lovely soft feeling and it's never slippery. The non slip bottom also means it will never slip around your bathroom.

Easy to Clean
Simply wash with clean running water and allow to air dry.

2 Models to choose:

Version II: All the features of the original but with a new surface skin with a faux leather texture which doesn't change colour when wet. Version II is available in Black, Dark Grey or Blue.

Large 50cm x 80cm

Antislip and Safe

The surface has a lovely soft feeling and it's never slippery. The non slip bottom also means it will never slip around your bathroom. 

Easy to Clean

Simply wash with clean running water and allow to air dry. 


Large 50cm x 80cm

Diatomite Fast Drying Bathmat 50cm x 80cm - Non-Slip & Easy to Clean | Neptune

If you're tired of wet and slippery bathroom floors, the Diatomite Fast Drying Bathmat is the perfect solution for you. Crafted from diatomite, this bathmat features a lovely soft feeling anti-slip surface, ensuring safety and comfort. Its highly absorbent non-slip bottom prevents it from slipping around your bathroom floor.

Easy to Clean

Cleaning the Diatomite Fast Drying Bathmat is a breeze. Simply wash it with clean running water and allow it to air dry. Say goodbye to the hassle of maintaining your bathmat.

Generously Sized

With a size of 50cm x 80cm, the Diatomite Fast Drying Bathmat provides ample space for you to stand comfortably after a shower. It covers most of the side of your standard-sized shower or bathtub, effectively trapping splashes and keeping your floor drier and safer. Say goodbye to wet floors and enjoy a more secure bathroom experience.

Made with Diatomite

The Diatomite Fast Drying Bathmat is crafted from diatomite, a naturally occurring siliceous rocky soil found in freshwater lakes. This soil has a neutral pH level, making it safe for humans. With millions of micropores, it exhibits excellent water absorbency, quickly drying itself. The non-slip bottom adds to its safety features, making it a perfect replacement for traditional bathroom floor mats and towels.

Safe with a Soft Feeling

The bottom of the bathmat features a non-slip surface, ensuring it stays in place when you step on it. The top quickly absorbs water, preventing slipperiness. With this bathmat, you can say goodbye to worries about slipping or sliding when coming out of the shower. Its fast-drying and flat-lying properties, coupled with excellent water absorption, make it a must-have addition to your bathroom floor.

Ultra Water Absorbency

Diatomite is a natural siliceous rocky soil that accumulates over years in freshwater lakes. It contains millions of micropores, allowing the bathmat to be highly absorbent and fast drying. Experience the benefits of its antislip and safe surface, with a lovely soft feeling that's never slippery. The non-slip bottom ensures it stays in place, providing you with peace of mind. Cleaning is a breeze—simply wash with clean running water and allow it to air dry.

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