Creative Ways to Use Silicone Chew Necklaces for Sensory Needs

Silicone chew necklaces have become popular tools for providing oral sensory stimulation and meeting the sensory needs of children. In this blog, we will explore creative ways to use silicone chew necklaces and highlight the range of chewable necklaces offered by Jellystone Designs, a trusted brand in sensory products.

  1. Chew Necklaces for Oral Sensory Stimulation: Silicone chew necklaces are designed to provide a safe and appropriate outlet for children who seek oral sensory input. They can be an effective tool for children with sensory processing difficulties, autism, or ADHD. Explore Jellystone Designs' range of chewable necklaces, such as the Jellystone Dino Pendant, which offer a stylish and discreet way to support oral sensory needs.

  2. Calming and Focus: Chew necklaces can help promote a sense of calm and focus in children. Encourage your child to wear the chew necklace during times when they need to concentrate, such as during homework or in the classroom. The gentle chewing motion can help reduce anxiety and improve attention span.

  3. Sensory Play and Exploration: Incorporate silicone chew necklaces into sensory play activities. For example, you can attach the chew necklace to a sensory bin filled with rice, beans, or water beads. Let your child explore the textures while engaging in safe oral stimulation. The Jellystone Princess & The Pea Necklace with its colorful beads can add an extra element of sensory exploration.

  4. Chew Necklaces as Fidget Tools: Chew necklaces can also serve as fidget tools, providing a safe alternative for children who tend to chew on non-food items. The Jellystone jChews Chocolate Bar and jChews Smartphone Teether are designed to resemble familiar objects and can be easily held and chewed, providing both oral and tactile sensory input.

Silicone chew necklaces offer a creative and effective solution for meeting sensory needs in children. Jellystone Designs' range of chewable necklaces provides safe and stylish options that promote oral sensory stimulation. By incorporating these necklaces into various activities, such as sensory play and as fidget tools, you can support your child's sensory needs in a fun and engaging way.

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