Why Buy a Weighted Blanket?

Why Buy a Weighted Blanket?

What are the benefits of buying the best weighted blankets you can find? Read this guide to learn about the advantages and get tips for choosing one. Did you know that 80 per cent of children with autism spectrum disorders need to improve sleep ? 

According to the Sleep Health Foundation (SHF), children with special needs sleep less than is expected for their age. As a result, they struggle with behaviour and attention during the day.  While there are many ways to help special needs children sleep, more and more parents find comfort in using weighted blankets. 

Find out how to buy the best weighted blankets on the market and learn more about the benefits for your child. 

How Do Weighted Blankets Work?

deep pressure stimulation

Weighted blankets may induce a calming sensation to reduce stress and encourage melatonin levels to improve sleep. They typically weigh between 3kg to 14kg depending on the size.

Weighted blankets are designed to act like a warm hug using therapeutic benefits through weight. Using a weighted blanket may help with mental health conditions, nervous system and other sensory stimuli.

Weighted Blanket Benefits

This technique provides a firm yet gentle pressure to the body to relax the nervous system. Because of their calming qualities, using a weighted blanket is ideal for children with insomnia, anxiety, or autism. 

Better Sleep

Heated weighted blankets will keep you warm and toasty during those cooler months. While cooling weighted blankets are perfect in the heat of the Australian summer as they retain very little to no heat. Weighted blankets use different methods for the weight. Glass beads for example.

Weighted blankets are available in various fabrics, including cotton, fleece, waterproof, and even knitted weighted blankets. 

Weighted Blankets Benefits

Weighted blankets tout a range of benefits that may help address a host of health problems. Many children find adding weighted blankets to their sleep routine improves sleep, eases anxiety, and promotes general calmness. Here are some of the top benefits of using a weighted blanket. 

Alleviates Anxiety-Induced Insomnia

Sleep deprivation can increase the risk of anxiety, while anxiety can cause serious sleep issues, such as insomnia. Unfortunately, it's a Catch-22 problem. But there is good news. The pressure of weighted blankets has some positive results for reducing anxiety-induced insomnia. The weight of the blanket itself has been found to stimulate dopamine, a neurotransmitter that makes children feel good.

Improves Sleep Quality 

Do you spend hours tossing and turning during the night? Unfortunately, many people struggle to sleep due to stress, a health condition, or even too much stimulation before bedtime. 

Adults are recommended to have between 7 to 9 hours of sleep, while children should get between 9 to 11. A weighted blanket may help you achieve this by preventing you from shifting around during the night. 

Promotes Melatonin Production

Melatonin is a hormone that plays a significant role in sleep. Low levels of melatonin production can induce sleeping problems, such as insomnia. The pressure stimulation from a weighted blanket may stimulate the production of serotonin and melatonin. As a result, you should find it easier to fall asleep and, more importantly, stay asleep. 

Lowers Anxiety Levels

Anxiety is more than feeling occasionally stressed; it's a feeling that doesn't go away. During an anxiety attack, your breathing may increase, and your heart can start pounding. Unfortunately, anxiety can be worse at night. 

A weighted blanket may induce a sense of calmness by triggering the release of dopamine and serotonin (a mood stabiliser) to improve sleep. 

Alleviates Pain in Those With Fibromyalgia

Fibromyalgia is a muscular condition that causes widespread bone and muscle pain. It also affects sleep, memory and mood. While there are medications to improve fibromyalgia symptoms, there is no cure. However, use a weighted blanket may assist in alleviating pain, fatigue and stress associated with the condition aswell as sleep. 

Improves Behaviour in Children With ADHD

ADHD is a common disorder affecting children. Weighted blankets may offer several benefits for children with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), including improved sleep for those with restless leg syndrome and calming the nervous system down. 

The heaviness of the "security weighted blankets" are intended to promote relaxation and help children with ADHD to feel less overwhelmed and more in control without medication. 

Reduces Restless Leg Syndrome

Restless leg syndrome is a common condition in children, also known as the "heebie-jeebies". The condition causes an uncontrollable urge to move or shake the legs. It is an uncomfortable syndrome that frequently interrupts sleep and causes extreme fatigue. 

Body Weight

A weighted blanket provides a counterweight making it harder for individuals to move their legs during the night. It also helps those who find it challenging to sit for long periods during air or car travel. 

Improves Mood

Sometimes not even a stack of choccie pancakes can improve a child's mood after a restless night. Because using gravity blankets or a weighted blanket may promote serotonin production, you are more likely to have a better night of sleep and less likely to wake up in a bad mood. It also helps those suffering from depression, hormonal changes, or illness.

The gentle weight mimics a warm hug that can reduce blood pressure and create a feeling of relaxation. 

Tips for Choosing the Best Weighted Blanket

The first step in choosing the right weighted blanket is determining your child's weight. As a general rule of thumb, your child's weighted blanket (heavy blanket) should be about 10 per cent of their body weight for sleep. 

For example, someone weighing 60 kgs should buy a weighted blanket weighing 6kgs to ensure the right amount of pressure is applied during sleep. Some sleep foundation experts recommend adding kilograms for children to reap the benefits.

Of course, this is only a guide. At the end of the day, comfort is the top priority. You want the blanket not to be too heavy and impact their sleep. After all, that's why you bought one in the first place! 

Key Takeaway

Choosing the best weighted blanket can help lower anxiety, improve sleep, and promote melatonin production in children with special needs. 

At Sensory Assist, we understand the importance of a child's good night's sleep. Our weighted blankets use pressure therapy to provide a calm-including pressure on your child's body, like being hugged by a loved one. 

Are you looking for weighted blankets for sleep anxiety or to improve your child's overall sleep? Please browse our range of weighted blankets today! 

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