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At Sensory Assist, we are dedicated to offering products that enhance your life by promoting relaxation, comfort, and overall well-being. We carefully select brands that align with our mission to provide high-quality, effective solutions for better living. We are excited to introduce you to one of our most popular brands, Neptune Blanket. Their collection includes weighted blankets, acupressure mats, and mattress toppers, all designed to improve your daily life. Check out Neptune Blanket’s most popular products that so many of our customers love below.

Neptune Blanket play mat The Mellow Mat™ (Soft Touch Tatami Rug)

The Mellow Mat

The Mellow Mat is a 30mm thick slow rebound memory foam mat, perfect for any floor activity. It's versatile enough to fit beautifully in kids' spaces or the living room. Kids love it for playing and learning to walk, while adults appreciate the soft, comforting surface for sitting and watching TV. It's a family favourite for creating a cosy, inviting space for everyone.


Neptune Blanket Weighted Blankets Neptune King/Super-King Weighted Blanket II

Neptune Weighted Blanket II

Renowned as one of the best weighted blankets in Australia, the Neptune Weighted Blanket II provides a soothing, hugged sensation, perfect for all ages. Its seven-layer design, featuring small pocket squares, ensures even weight distribution, promoting relaxation and better sleep. The soft Minky cover adds a luxurious touch and a wonderful tactile experience and cleaning the blanket is easy—simply separate the cover from the inner blanket and wash on a gentle cycle. It’s clear why this blanket is loved by so many people in Australia.
Neptune Blanket Sleep Lamp Sleep Lamp III - Serene Sleep Environment

Sleep Lamp III

This innovative lamp offers adjustable light settings and a range of calming colors to create a serene atmosphere. With soothing sounds and melodies, the Sleep Lamp III helps you unwind and drift into peaceful slumber. Its sleek design and convenient touch controls make it a perfect addition to any bedroom.


Neptune Blanket pillow The Neptune Big Soft Pillow

The Neptune Big Soft Pillow

Indulge in comfort with The Neptune Big Soft Pillow. This giant pillow, made from the finest cotton and filled with 100% 3D polycotton, offers unparalleled plushness. Measuring 90 x 40 cm, it's perfect for lounging on the floor or couch. The milk silk cover provides a gentle, silky feel, making it ideal for extended lounging sessions.


Neptune Blanket Acupressure Products Acupressure Mat with Bio Magnets for Stress Relief and Calming

Acupressure Mat with Bio Magnets

Relieve stress and muscle tension with our Acupressure Mat with Bio Magnets. With 1,782 massage points, this mat applies pressure to your neck, shoulders, and back, promoting relaxation and improved circulation. The mat is made from 100% cotton, and its durable plastic stimulation points with bio magnets help release endorphins, enhancing your overall well-being.


Neptune Blanket Mattress Topper Single (92x188cm) Luxury Mattress Topper

Luxury Mattress Topper

Transform your bed into a haven of comfort with the Neptune Luxury Mattress Topper. It's luxurious softness and plushness can help you achieve a deep, restorative sleep, leaving you refreshed and revitalised each morning. By adding an extra layer of protection, your mattress is shielded from wear and tear, ensuring its longevity for years to come.



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At Sensory Assist, we’re committed to helping you create a more relaxing and comfortable life. We’re product to include Neptune Blanket in our collection. Dive into the Neptune Blanket collection today and experience the ultimate relaxation.



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