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The majority of us experience boredom every day. But did you know that boredom is a catalyst to start something new? Once you feel bored, all you need is some inspiration.

A great way to feel inspired is to distract your mind with a fun challenge. This is where SPEKS Solids magnetic toys come to the rescue. 

Find out some of the most effective ways to use these toys below. 

SPEKS Solid Magnetic Fidgets

Make 3D Shapes with the SPEKS Solids

One of the easiest yet most rewarding things to do with a SPEKS Solids toy is to make 3-dimensional shapes. Use this magnetic putty to pull the beads into various angles, creating flat surfaces for perfect geometrical symmetry. 

If you are an artist or inspiring to be one, then SPEK shapes serve as a model for your drawing. They help you see the contours of the shape from all sides, making it easy to replicate. 

Create a Pattern with a Combination of SPEKS Solids

Gather several colours of SPEKS solids to make a unique pattern. Choose from the following solid colours:

  • Red
  • Blue
  • Green
  • Pink
  • Purple
  • Teal

These magnets become sensory toys as you have to look and feel each tiny bead to complete intricate patterns. And the more colours you buy, the larger your canvas and the more interesting your designs can be. 

Use Them as a Fidget

SPEKS Solids aren't just for playing. They can also be used as fidget toys to improve your focus by keeping an anxious mind occupied.

If you feel nervous about a project, whether you cannot start or finish it, a SPEK magnetic toy could help. Have your beads in your hand as you move them around or smoosh them.

The 512 magnets stay together just enough to allow you to move them without falling all over your office. They combine the texture of a stress ball with the movement of a fidget to accommodate your need at the moment. 

Design Unique Jewellery

You can also use magnetic building toys for practical purposes. For example, design and build custom jewellery for yourself, friends, and family. 

Choose your shape, colour palette, and pattern to assemble bracelets, rings, necklaces, and more quickly. Then, give them as gifts or make your own personal collection. 

The best part about using SPEKS solid magnetic beads as jewellery is that they never go out of style. That is because you can alter them with more colours or make an entirely new design in minutes. 

SPEKS come with a travel case and metal stand to take your jewellery with you and display it safely on your vanity. 

Get Started With SPEKS Solid Magnetic Toys

These magnetic toys have endless possibilities. And the more you own, the more extravagant your building gets since all the colours are compatible. 

Start by picking your favourite SPEKS Solids toy today.

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