The 7 Best Sensory Toys for Children With Autism

Only 67% of Australians can describe the characteristics of an autism diagnosis. Yet, almost everyone has heard the term autism or autism spectrum in their daily lives.

So, what are the main signs of autism? Here are a few things to look out for:

  • Avoiding eye contact 

  • Delayed speech

  • Strict routine

  • Getting upset with small changes

  • Difficulty understanding emotions 

Thankfully, you can help your child with feelings of being overwhelmed and stressed with a simple trick...

Sensory Play! 

Keep reading to find out about the best sensory toys for autistic kids. 

The Top Seven Toys for Autistic Children

Children with autism find it hard to socialise with others and feel comfortable in social settings, so you must provide your child with the right tools and sensory input to cope in new environments. 

Most children love stuffed animals, right? But, did you know that you can get weighted teddys?

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1. Weighted Teddys 

Sensory toys for many autistic children don't need to be complicated; sometimes, the best solution is something that is guaranteed to work. A soft, fluffy animal will brighten your child's mood and ease their sensory issues in public. 

They can take their weighted teddy to school, in the car, or on a family vacation. So, you won't need to worry about leaving it behind when you are away from the house. 

Another great thing about weighted teddies is that they come in various styles and are a fun toy for open ended play! You can get an elephant, horse, monkey, rabbit, or bear. There's an animal for everyone's creative play. 

2. Giant Stress Ball

Toys for autistic kids come in all different shapes and sizes, for many different sensory difficulties. This means a stress ball is just as good as a weighted teddy for many special needs. 

You can use the stress ball to encourage social interaction by getting outside to play catch with your family or place it in their school bag so they can keep themselves distracted during the day. 

Learning for austistic children can be challenging, so having a playful and educational tool can make bonding and connecting with your little one easier. Assisting them with sensory processing in everyday life.

Some stress balls are filled with water beads which are excellent for stimulating the child's senses and can be held by children of all ages. 

3. Feelings Friend 

As already mentioned, autistic children can have issues reading the emotions of others, language development and connecting with the people around them. This can make it hard to form a close relationship with your child as a parent. 

If you're looking for the best autism toys to improve emotional body awareness, this is the toy for your child. 

This cute creature is not only a great toy, but it comes with 15 pieces and emotional illustration cards designed to help your child express their emotions and learn about different feelings. This sensory toys designed to assist with fine motor skills, hand eye coordination and social skills.

Any child from the ages of three and up can enjoy this lovely toy. 

4. Baby Connects 

For young babies, you'll want to buy this set of rubber toys. This design is built with vibrant colours, funny faces, and easy-to-grip materials, which are ideal for tiny hands. 

Your child will be busy for hours building and constructing this playset. During playtime, you can ask your child about the faces and talk to them about emotions. 

If you buy Baby Connects and Feelings Friends, you'll have plenty of opportunities to talk about their feelings and find out what they are struggling with. 

The benefits of sensory toys are for the parents as much as the children.

5. Oogi Family Set 

If your child is not interested in animals, you can buy them this fantastic set of characters that are made to stretch and dance in different directions. 

The contrast of red and blue colours is eye-catching and keeps your child busy playing with the figures. 

Plus, this toy doesn't make any noise, so you can take it to church or a crowded event. The diversity of the figures and the shapes will encourage your child to try new things and get inspired by their movements. 

This can lead to practising motor skills and being more confident outdoors.

6. Lil’ Dimpl Keychain

Another excellent option for children who are on the move and need something to calm their nerves is this keychain. No matter where they are, the children can grab the keychain from their pockets.

The metal clips allow you to attach the keychain to a bay, purse, jacket, or other object so it will never get lost! 

A toy like this can be a lifesaver if you're concerned about your child and their anxiety. So, although you can't be with them every moment, this keychain can be a calming presence when they need it. 

7. Caterpillar Fidget for Hand

If your child has a habit of pulling hair or gets distressed easily in public, a toy like the Caterpillar Fidget for Hand is a super choice. 

This toy is weighted and braided, providing extra stimulus from the contrasting textures and weight. You can separate the beads and pull them back together as often as you'd like! 

You only need to consider that the beads can harm babies, so it's best to let them play with this toy when there's adult supervision. Otherwise, it's OK to give this toy to toddlers above 3. 

This marvellous toy can calm anxiety and be a grounding object in stressful situations. 

Are you ready to buy a new sensory toy? You can find all these recommendations mentioned in this article on our website. And, if you need assistance making a purchase or have further questions about toys for children with autism, we're happy to help!

Toys That Help Children With Autism Thrive

Fine motor skills

Toys for children with autism can help in numerous ways, from soothing anxiety to aiding in their development and emotional intelligence. If your child is enthusiastic about a puzzle, you can gift them a Baby Connects set.

Or, if they are passionate about animals, you can give them a Weighted Teddy as a new cuddle buddy.

autism toys for boys

Our collection at Sensory Assist has a whole range of unique products that will help your little one thrive and cope with overwhelming emotions. And, you can even bond together while playing with the toys! 

Buy a new sensory toy today and watch your child blossom with confidence and happiness.

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