Welcome to the World of Weighted Teddys: Companions for Every Child

Finding a comforting companion can make all the difference. Our new collection of 2kg Weighted Teddys is designed not only to offer comfort but also to enrich lives with stories of courage, wisdom, and empathy. Each teddy brings its own unique personality and story, providing not just a toy, but a supportive friend.

Monty the Mindful Monkey

From the tranquil treetops of Serenity Forest, Monty the Mindful Monkey teaches mindfulness and relaxation. He’s perfect for anyone looking to discover peace and tranquility in their surroundings. Monty encourages taking deep breaths of fresh forest air and offers lessons in living in the present. Monty is a soft, plush monkey with a gentle brown hue and a warm, inviting smile. His eyes shimmer with a calm wisdom that seems to understand just how to be in the moment.

Bella the Bright Rabbit

In the cozy corners of Clover Meadows, Bella the Bright Rabbit uses her incredible listening skills to spread cheer. Known for her empathy, she’s always there to lend an ear. Bella’s presence teaches patience and reminds everyone that they're never alone, making her an excellent companion for those who need a little extra love and understanding. Bella is a fluffy cream rabbit with long, soft ears and a touch of pink on her nose and feet. Her eyes sparkle with curiosity and an innate kindness.

Elly the Embraceable Elephant

Living in the deep, soothing environs of the Whispering Woods, Elly the Embraceable Elephant guards ancient tree secrets. Her tales are filled with wisdom and comfort, making her an excellent storyteller and listener. She’s a reminder that wisdom and understanding are just a hug away. Elly is a gentle grey elephant with large, comforting ears and a friendly trunk. Her cuddly body makes her perfect for hugging.

Roaming the lost valleys of Adventure Island, Danny the Daring Dinosaur embodies courage. He’s always ready to explore mysterious caves and learn about overcoming fears. Danny is the go-to for any child needing encouragement to try new things and face challenges with bravery. Danny is a vibrant green dinosaur with playful stripes and a cheeky grin. He’s robust and ready for any adventure.

Why Choose Weighted Teddys?

Each of our Teddys is more than just a stuffed animal; whether it's Monty’s mindful presence, Bella’s empathetic ear, Elly’s wise stories, or Danny’s courageous heart, each teddy offers a unique sensory experience that can help soothe, comfort, and inspire. Ready to find the perfect Weighted Teddy for your child, or perhaps as a gift for someone? Each character is designed to be a lifelong friend and a comforting presence. Explore our new teddys and see how they can bring joy and comfort to your family.

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