A Guide to the Different Types of Sensory Devices and Their Benefits

As 76% of households now own a smartphone, that means that children are becoming more used to holding a screen than holding a pencil. However, even though technology has a lot of benefits, such as access to more information, there are some downsides to this technological age that we live in.

If you're worried about your children's brain development because of sensory overload, then there might be a solution for you. 

Sensory devices are crucial to keeping your child engaged and ensuring they learn the necessary skills to thrive later in life. 

But what are the best sensory toy options on the market? Here is a guide to the types of sensory toys you can buy for your child to enrich their lives and keep them occupied offline. 

The Best Sensory Devices and Toys 

Sensory toys are specifically designed to stimulate the senses. Children on the spectrum who are diagnosed with autism or ADHD can benefit from these types of devices because they can make them feel calm. 

These sensory device options will support your child with socialising, playing, and learning to work as a team.

1. Outdoor Playsets 

If you have a garden with enough space for an outdoor playset, then it could be an excellent option for your child. This design encourages young people to use their bodies and navigate obstacles. 

Although outdoor playsets benefit all children, if your child has special needs, it could be even better for their development. 

2. Putty 

On a smaller scale, putty is another choice for sensory toys that is popular amongst children. You can take putty wherever you go, providing stability and comfort for kids if they need to travel. 

Compared to an outdoor playset, putty could be the ideal option if you need to travel or if you want to give your child something to take with them to school. 

Putty offers the best of both worlds. It's enjoyable and can teach your child motor skills. So, it's a fantastic investment! 

3. Stress Balls 

Stress balls are an excellent way to keep your child busy and distract them from feelings of anxiety or frustration. The great thing about these toys is that they come in many different styles and shapes. 

You can find stress balls with smiley faces, egg shapes, or colourful patterns. There's something to satisfy everyone. But, you should buy your toy from a respectable seller, so it doesn't break easily. 

4. Fidget Spinners 

In addition to putty and stress balls, fidget spinners are a popular sensory toy that is easy to transport and will provide relief for your child when they need a moment of calm. 

The design of fidget spinners is intended to occupy your hands and allow you to focus on something for a short period. Children with autism or ADHD tend to struggle with attention, so giving them this toy will help. 

5. Tangle Creations 

Tangle creations are excellent sensory toys for children who need some flexibility and like to make their shapes and styles. Their purpose is to focus your mind on creating a shape. 

Whilst playing with this toy, your child's senses will be activated, developing better coordination and motor skills. Most of the time, these sensory devices will last for years so that they can play with them for a long time! 

The Importance of Sensory Toys 

Children with special needs require a little more stimulation than other neurotypical kids. Thankfully, these sensory toys are great for keeping their brains inspired and their mood bright. 

So, how do sensory toys engage the senses, and why is this important? 

Depending on the type of toy, sensory toys will use various senses to teach your child how to interact with their surroundings and spark their interest in the world. 

In education, sensory play describes the initial stage in a child's life when they use sensory toys in their free time. The skills taught through this kind of play will set the foundation for learning other tasks

For example, as your child grows up, they will have to learn to read, write, and solve mathematical problems. Therefore, giving them a range of sensory toys will help them get a head start in their educational path. 

Besides the educational benefits, there are also some other advantages to sensory toys. 

Benefits of Sensory Play

Some parents overlook playtime's importance in improving their child's language skills. For instance, the next time your child has a friend over to play, notice how much they talk.

You'll see how chatty they get! 

When you're young, playing is one of the main ways to build confidence in speaking and talking with others. As a parent, you can use this time to ask questions, bond with your child, and spend quality time together. 

Apart from practising speaking, here are some other reasons to buy sensory toys this year: 

  • Fine and motor skills 
  • Socialising 
  • Mindfulness 
  • Spatial awareness
  • Brain stimulation 
  • Engaging play

So, if you want to buy your child a new sensory toy and find a high-quality seller that offers products at affordable prices, then you should check out our range of devices. 

Ignite All the Senses with These Toys 

No matter what toy you buy a child, they will most likely tell you if they like it within the first few seconds. We've all bought an expensive toy at the shop and brought it home to discover your child has no interest in it. 

But what if you could give them a toy they are guaranteed to love? 

Sensory devices and toys like the ones mentioned in this article are ideal for children who need some extra stimulus during playtime. Look at our product collection to find the perfect gift for your little one today. 

Let us know if you have any questions.

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