Lycra Bed Socks: A Comforting Sensory Solution for Your Child

Lycra Bed Socks by BodySocks are a unique and comfortable sensory tool that can be a game-changer for individuals with sensory integration issues. These bed socks are designed to provide the deep pressure benefits that are often craved by those with sensory needs.

Understanding Lycra Bed Socks

Lycra Bed Socks are easily placed over any mattress, including pillow-top mattresses, and feature an open-ended design. Made of breathable and see-through Lycra material, this soft and comfortable bed sock is available in various sizes, making it a perfect fit for any bed.

Why Choose Lycra Bed Socks?

Individuals who crave sensory input, particularly proprioceptive and vestibular, will love using a lycra bed sock. The deep pressure sensation provided by the bed sock helps calm an overstimulated nervous system. This bed sock's soft material will give a soothing feeling while the deep pressure sensation will help promote a sense of calm relaxation.

Using Your Lycra Bed Socks

Lycra Bed Socks are easy to use. Once you or your child is inside the Lycra Bed Socks, it will provide that deep pressure sensation craved by those with sensory integration issues. It is important to note that adult supervision is recommended when this product is used with children.

Our Lycra Bed Socks

At Sensory Assist, we offer Lycra Bed Socks in various sizes, including Single Bed, King Single Bed, Double Bed, Queen Bed, and Portable Air Mattress Single (Movement Tube). They also come in vibrant colours including Royal Blue, Emerald Green, Red, Purple, Hot Pink, Turquoise, Charcoal, Navy, April Pink, and White.


Lycra Bed Socks are more than just a sensory tool. They are a means for individuals to explore, learn, and grow. They provide a safe and comforting space for individuals to express themselves and navigate their sensory experiences. So, why wait? Explore our range of Lycra Bed Socks today and find the perfect fit for your sensory needs.

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