Sensory Toys and Tools for Every Age

Sensory Pod | Plush filled beanbag

Finding the right sensory toys can play a crucial role in development and daily life, helping with everything from motor skills to emotional regulation. Sensory Assist offers a variety of sensory toys and tools tailored to different age groups, available online for your convenience. As you go through our guide, remember that everyone's needs are unique:

Rainbow Stacker and Teether

Infant (0-1 years)

Rainbow Stacker and Teether: A vibrant, award-winning design for teething babies, stimulating both oral and tactile senses.

Oibo Single Blue: A durable toy for multiple play activities, fostering creative play and fine motor skills development.

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Toddler (1-2 years)

Alpine Muffy Baby Ear Muffs: Gentle noise reduction for delicate ears, combining hearing protection with a cute design.

Silicone Dinner Set by Wild Indiana: Encourages toddlers to eat with more grown-up utensils, made from safe, easy-to-clean materials.

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Rainbow Pendant Chew Necklace

Preschooler (3-5 years)

Rainbow Pendant Chew Necklace: Offers sensory stimulation and stress relief, ideal for kids needing to chew.

Kiddy Connects: Introduces STEM principles through creative play, encouraging fine motor skill development.

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School-age children (6-17 years)

Lycra Stretchy Body Sock: Promotes sensory exploration with a comfortable, stretchy fit for active play.

Detangle Brush: Transforms grooming into a calming experience, enhancing daily hair care routines.

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SPEKS Spectrum

Teen (13-19 years)

SPEKS Spectrum: Encourages limitless creativity and stress relief with vibrant magnetic spheres.
Neptune Weighted Blanket: Provides a soothing experience, designed to alleviate stress and improve sleep quality.

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Sensory Pod: Offers an escape from stress, suitable for all ages, enhancing focus in a multi-sensory environment.

Acupressure Mat with Bio Magnets: Delivers deep acupressure and Bio Magnetic Therapy for stress relief and muscle tension reduction.

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Sensory Assist is dedicated to helping you select the ideal sensory toys and tools, taking into account individual preferences and requirements.

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