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Looking for a fun and colourful way to encourage your little one's creativity and problem-solving skills? Look no further than Spoolz! This set of seven vibrant spools ranges in size and is perfect for inspirational hours of playful exploration.

Roll, stack, or balance them - the possibilities are endless! Plus, the gorgeous colours look beautiful no matter what the arrangement. So go ahead and let your little one loose - with Spoolz, they'll have a blast while developing essential fine motor and spatial reasoning skills.

What's Possible With the Spoolz?

The seven spoolz are of different sizes. Here are some of the activities that are possible with the spoolz:

Creatively Arrange the 7 Spoolz

Your baby will love to experiment with the seven colourful spools in the Spoolz set. They can be arranged in endless combinations and patterns, allowing your little ones to develop their creative and problem-solving skills.

Stacking the Spoolz

Stacking them up is one of the first things your baby will probably do with the Spoolz. The simple activity can help your child develop fine motor skills and eye-hand coordination.

Rolling the Spoolz

Your baby will also enjoy rolling the spools around. In addition, the action-packed activity can help your little one develop their gross motor skills and sense of balance.

Sorting the Spoolz

Sorting is another activity your baby will love with the Spoolz. They can sort the spools by colour, size, or shape. The activity can help your child develop their analytical and organizational skills.

Building with the Spoolz

Lastly, your baby will enjoy building towers and other structures with the Spoolz. The creative activity can help your child develop their engineering and construction skills.

So, whether or not your baby's first birthday is approaching, gift them the awesome Spoolz today!