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    At Sensory Assist, we understand the importance of providing effective and safe solutions for oral sensory needs. Our range of sensory chew toys, chewelry, and other oral sensory products are designed to offer comfort, relief, and stimulation for individuals of all ages. Explore our collection of chewing products tailored to meet diverse sensory requirements.

    16 products
    Sensory Support Sensory Bite Band Bite Band
    Sensory Support Sensory Bite Band Bite Band
    Bite Band
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    Jellystone Designs Chew Necklace Purple Dino Pendant
    Jellystone Designs Chew Necklace Grey Dino Pendant
    Dino Pendant
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    Nigi, Nagi & Nogi

    Why Sensory Chew Toys Are Important

    Sensory chew toys are essential tools for individuals with sensory processing needs. They provide oral stimulation, help manage stress, and improve focus and concentration. Whether used at home, school, or on the go, our products are designed to be durable, safe, and effective.

    Jellystone Design Sensory Chew Necklaces

    Silicone Necklace

    Safe and Stylish Chewing Accessories

    • Soft and Chewable: Made from food-grade silicone.
    • Variety of Designs: Available in different colors and styles.
    • Breakaway Clasps: Ensures safety and easy removal.
    Two children playing with A colorful sensory bottle filled with shimmering glitter and captivating elements, designed to engage and stimulate children's senses and promote relaxation.

    Chew Necklace

    Convenient Chewing Solutions on the Go

    • Portable and Convenient: Easy to wear and use.
    • Durable and Safe: Made from high-quality materials.
    • Easy to Clean: Simple to wash and maintain.
    Jellystone Design Sensory Chew Toys

    Oral Sensory Toys

    Versatile Solutions for Oral Sensory Needs

    • Different Textures and Shapes: Offers a variety of sensory experiences.
    • Safe and Non-Toxic: Made from food-grade materials.
    • Durable and Easy to Clean: Built to last and easy to maintain.
    Jellystone Design Sensory Chew Toys

    Safe Chewing Alternative

    It's not uncommon for children and adults with autism spectrum disorders to chew on or bite non-edible items such as toys or pencils. They may also like to suck shirt sleeves or their own hands, fingers, and knuckles.

    Sensory Assist sells a diverse selection of safer and more hygienic chews than chewing on clothing and knuckles. The chews we offer are perfect for kids with Sensory Processing Disorders, Autism, and other special needs, as well as babies, toddlers, and older kids who like to bite and chew.

    Jellystone Design Sensory Chew Toys

    Chewelry Australia

    Stylish and Functional Chewing Solutions

    • Discreet and Stylish: Looks like regular jewelry.
    • Durable and Safe: Made from high-quality silicone.
    • Easy to Wear: Comfortable and practical for everyday use.
    Jellystone Design Sensory Teething Toys

    Sensory Chew Toys

    Comfort and Stimulation for All Ages

    • Safe and Durable: Made from high-quality, non-toxic materials.
    • Variety of Textures and Shapes: Provides different sensory experiences.
    • Easy to Clean: Dishwasher safe for convenient cleaning.
    Baby lying on bed using a colorful assortment of chew necklaces and teething toys, including the Sunshine Teether, Sensory Fidget Ball, Rainbow Stacker and Teether Toy, jChews Chocolate Bar, and jChews Smartphone Teether. These safe and engaging toys are designed to provide soothing relief for teething infants.

    Different Toughness

    We offer different levels of chewy strength. Most children prefer soft or medium chewies. But, if your child frequently chews through their clothes or other objects, they likely need a stronger chewy.

    Our Process

    Discover the fantastic selection of chewy jewellery, chewy mouth fidgets, chewy tubes, oral motor tools, and more. We have a comprehensive inventory of sensory toys available for you to browse and sort by price, colour, style, etc. Sensory Assist makes it easy to find the products you need.

    When you've found the items your child needs, add them to your cart to begin the checkout process. We'll send your sensory toys directly to your home, no matter where you are in Australia.

    Begin enjoying the benefits of our chew toys as soon as you receive them! Before first use, we recommend washing the product to eliminate any shipping dust.

    You may quickly notice the fantastic benefits of sensory chew toys for your child's motor skills. You can use these products at home or your child's occupational therapy to maximise the benefits of sensory chew toys.

    Always Monitor Your Child While Using Chews

    It is important to note that not all chew toys are suitable for children under three years. If you're unsure whether a chew toy is safe for your child, speak with a medical professional. No matter their age, adults must monitor their children's use of chew toys during the day.

    Enhance Oral Sensory Experiences with Sensory Assist

    At Sensory Assist, we are committed to providing high-quality sensory chew toys and accessories that meet the unique needs of our customers. Whether you need a silicone necklace, a chew necklace, or any other oral sensory toy, our products are designed to offer both functionality and style. Browse our collection today and find the perfect sensory solution for you or your loved one.