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    Some children have trouble with their fine motor skills. This means that the small muscles of their body that are responsible for precise tasks require more development. You’ll notice that their fine motor skills need some help if your child has trouble holding small objects or using items like buttons. Hand problems are often the most noticeable sign, though fine motor skill deficiencies can also affect other body parts.

    Toys that specifically help a child develop fine motor skills can be one of the best investments for them. These will improve their strength and control and help them coordinate their hands with other body parts like their eyes. So look at our selection today and find the best product for your child.

    74 products
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    Finding a Suitable Product

    At Sensory Assist, our products consider all the tasks and activities children do. Our aids help them developing gross motor skills for everyday use. Our products can help them with activities like drawing, holding objects, blinking, and more. We have items for children of all ages — even toddlers!

    While they are young, children have a faster capacity to develop their physical and mental skills — motor movements included. These products can help them develop these abilities in the comfort of their home. In addition, our products aren’t taxing on the mind; they stir children to action while developing their skills concurrently. Here are some of our products to consider for your child:

    • Puzzle products: These help your kids understand patterns and symmetry. They develop problem-solving and encourage children to get creative and find the solutions they desire. With different puzzle options available, you can scale up their skills. All of these toys help develop fine motor skills over time
    • Building blocks or cubes: can help children develop fine motor skills through shapes and puzzle-like structures. Children can recreate the pictures or complete the cubes if they apply their skills. These toys also help them recognise shapes and colours.
    • Strengthening toys: Other items in our selection — like the pencil pusher and stretch strings — are made to improve strength. These can be a way to help your child focus by becoming something to fiddle with. At the same time, your child’s movement will improve, helping them gain more control over their fingers.

    You can buy one or a combination of these toys. Children may respond to these items differently, so having a few options can help you understand what works best for them. Check our selection today to improve your child’s fine motor skills.

    Fine Motor Skills Toys

    The Actions That Improve Fine Motor Skills

    Daily practice with activities that improve fine motor skills will help your child currently, but they’ll also impact later on during their adult years. Even after your kids have developed their fine motor skills enough for everyday use, you should continue to nurture their development. Parents should play an active role in supporting and providing their children with attention to assist in their improvement.

    Learning about the actions that help develop these fine motor skills can help you create activities or programs for your child. Couple this with our toys, and you have everything you need for better development. Here are some of the most effective actions:


    Learning about items during your child’s idle time can help provide fun while improving their fine motor skills. You can use some of our toys while the child is in the bath or has some free time on their hands.

    Moulding and cutting:

    Playing with items they can mould or cut can improve their hand strength significantly.

    Playing puzzle and board games:

    These games require precision and control. They also help develop strategy, social skills, and maths

    Sorting and organising:

    Fitting shapes into a box or sorting small pieces of toys improves accuracy. It lets children use their fingers more, helping them understand how they can build. They’ll also understand shapes, words, and letters better.

    Our toys offer a combination of these actions that help improve a child’s fine motor skills. So check our shop today and find the item that fits their needs.

    Fidget for fine motor skills

    Keep Things Varied

    Improving fine motor skills involves having the child apply their abilities differently. You should create a varied approach that uses toys and activities for faster results. Here are some of the ways you can do that:

    • Video games and remote-controlled toys improve hand and eye coordination.
    • Drawing and colouring strengthen small muscles in the hands.
    • Folding, tearing, and manipulating clay strengthens the muscles.
    • Picking up small items requires dexterous hands and focus. Puzzles and board games do wonders on this front.
    • Playing using their fingers — like for finger puppetry or lacing — provides more control over their fingers.

    Remember that you may not see the results in your child right away, and some toys and activities will do better than others. What’s important is that you encourage and motivate your child through your words. Reward them and provide positive feedback to help them see that they are improving.

    Wobble ball for fine motor skills

    Sensory Assist: Improving Fine Motor Skills

    You can help support a child’s development by providing them with educational toys and activities that specifically target their needs. These small muscle movements help children perform tasks that will benefit them for life. They can also encourage them to develop other skills when they notice their progress. For example, improving their fine motor skills today will build their confidence and future.

    If you’re looking for toys to help, Sensory Assist has many available. Look through our varied selection and find the product that fits them best. You’ll widen their options for playing and learning with our help.