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    If you’re looking for a children’s toy that will encourage your little ones to use their imagination rather than technology, then Möbi offers the perfect solution. Möbi started as a kid’s game designed to teach children about numbers.

    Today, the brand sells many other toys and games that people of all ages can enjoy. Not only are they fun to play with, but they are also made to educate. Each Möbi product is built with developmental attributes in mind using quality materials.

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    About Möbi

    Möbi is a brand that sells high-quality toys and games for parents and their little ones. The company’s passion is about having fun while inspiring curiosity and creativity. The brand’s founders believe playtime can be powerful tool grown-ups can use to prepare their kids for the real world.

    Möbi has grown and expanded its unique line of products, starting as a game that taught basic mathematics.


    This is the original Möbi numbers game that got things going for the brand. The goal is for players to solve mathematical equations quickly by connecting them crossword-style.

    Möbi Kids

    Möbi Kids is the same as the original Möbi game — but designed for a younger audience. This game comes with an activity booklet complete with activities and mini-games.

    Mobi Game

    All of these products are designed by the founders, who are parents themselves. They work with therapists, doctors, and other parents to create creative, functional, and, most of all, enjoyable toys.