Teen (13-19 years of age)

56 products

    56 products
    Close-up view of SPEKS Spectrum Magnetic Fidget Balls
    SPEKS Spectrum Magnetic Fidget Balls in various geometric shapes
    SPEKS Spectrum
    SPEKS Gradient tower of purple and orange beads with a cushion
    SPEKS Gradient energy gels in purple
    SPEKS Gradient
    Green SPEKS Solids ball with metal cylinder
    Box containing six different colored SPEKS Solids
    SPEKS Solids
    SPEKS. Toys Moonstone SPEKS Luxe
    SPEKS. Toys SPEKS Luxe
    SPEKS Luxe
    Orange and yellow ball-shaped SPEKS Fleks toy
    A hand demonstrating a blue and white SPEKS Fleks toy
    SPEKS Fleks
    Body Socks Red Therapy Swing
    Body Socks Therapy Swing
    Therapy Swing
    Close-up view of multiple beads from the SPEKS Tones set
    Metal bead from SPEKS Tones set displayed with a metal cylinder
    Speks Tones
    Three SPEKS Super Balls displayed on a black stand
    SPEKS. Toys SPEKS Super Balls
    SPEKS Super Balls
    Close-up of Speks Stripes Magnetic Balls, SPEKS Jellyfish Stripes
    Speks Stripes Magnetic Fidget Balls in various colours
    SPEKS Stripes
    SPEKS. Toys SPEKS Original
    Packaging of Speks Original Magnetic Balls, highlighting the set of 512 2.5mm magnet beads.
    SPEKS Original
    SPEKS. Toys SPEKS Matte
    SPEKS. Toys Scarlett SPEKS Matte
    SPEKS Matte
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