Match Madness Extreme - Expansion

Match Madness Extreme - Expansion

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<strong>EXPANSION SET</strong><span> </span>FOR THE AWARD-WINNING GAME MATCH MADNESS: Think you’ve mastered Match Madness? Try the Match Madness Extreme expansion for an even greater challenge! (Note: original Match Madness game required to play expansion)</li>
<li>INCLUDES NEW SIXTH BLOCK: Challenge yourself and your friends with an additional cube-shaped block, allowing for more complex puzzles.</li>
<li>60 ENTIRELY NEW CHALLENGE CARDS: Take your pattern matching and problem-solving abilities to the next level with 60 entirely new puzzle cards.</li>
<li>FAST-PACED AND ACTION-PACKED: Race to solve the puzzle on the card by flipping, rotating and combining identical sets of patterned blocks. Sharp eyes, fast hands and quick minds prevail in this challenging addition to the original Match Madness!</li>
<li>SUITABLE FOR AGES 7 AND UP: Can be played in groups of up to 4 players. Match Madness can also be played solo: solve the puzzles at your own pace or try to beat your best times.</li>
<p><strong><span>THIS IS AN EXPANSION SET - ORIGINAL GAME: Match Madness is required</span></strong></p>

1-4 Players
Requires Original Game: Expand Your Match Madness Experience with Match Madness Extreme Expansion

Requires Original Game: Expand Your Match Madness Experience with Match Madness Extreme Expansion

Expand Your Match Madness Game with Match Madness Extreme - Expansion

Take your Match Madness game to the extreme level with the Match Madness Extreme - Expansion pack. The expansion pack offers 60 extra cards with six new categories that challenge players' cognitive abilities and quick-thinking skills.

New Categories

The expansion pack offers six new categories: letters, numbers, shapes, colours, fruits, and vegetables. Each category has ten new cards with fun and challenging tasks that test your memory, visual perception, and speed.


Match Madness Extreme - Expansion is easy to play. Players draw a card and find the match with the other cards as quickly as possible. The player with the most matches at the end of the game wins.


The expansion pack is compatible with both the Match Madness game and Match Madness DUO. It can also be played as a standalone game.


The Match Madness Extreme - Expansion pack is perfect for improving cognitive abilities, visual perception, and memory skills. It's ideal for individuals of all ages and abilities, making it a perfect game for families, classrooms, and therapy sessions.

Upgrade your Match Madness game with Match Madness Extreme - Expansion pack today and enjoy hours of fun and challenging gameplay.