Stretchy Strings

Stretchy Strings

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Choking hazard. Small parts.

Feel a little less stretched out with Sensory Genius Stretchy Strings. If stress and a lack of focus have you tied up in knots, this is the perfect tool for you.

Product Details

  • Each package contains 2 Stretchy Strings.
  • Stretchy strings are suitable for ages 5 and up.
  • Colours may vary.

Who Needs Stretchy Strings?

Stretchy Strings are perfect for the working-from-home or office warriors that get in a tangle sitting at their desks all day. Feeling that late afternoon drag? Pull out Stretchy Strings for mental rejuvenation and some light physical activity. Research shows that even small amounts of physical activity do wonders for mental health and clarity.

If you're a teacher or the parent of a child with attention difficulties, Stretchy Strings are the perfect fidget toy to keep them on task. If homework isn't getting done or the class seems restless, take a stretch break!

How To Use Stretchy Strings

Stretchy Strings can be wrapped around the hands and arms for quick sensory satisfaction. If you need to take your mind off the task at hand for a while but don't have time for a break, tie the two strings together in knots. Concentrating on a small tactile task will clear the cobwebs and make your day more enjoyable.

Give Your Hands Some Help

Along with giving you a mental break, Sensory Genius Stretchy Strings may also help with many other symptoms.

    If stretched to their limit, you can even squeeze in a low-resistance arm and chest workout without leaving your desk! Sensory Genius Stretchy Strings are a stress relief toy, fidget device, and compact hand gym—order one today to stay focused and nimble for all of life's little obstacles.