Balance and Movement - Gross Motor Skills

In Australia, only half of the children master skills such as throwing or kicking by the end of primary school.

Gross motor skills activities are essential for early childhood development, but finding suitable gross motor toys for toddlers can be a challenge. Luckily, you've come to the right place to learn about gross motor development. 

In this article, you'll learn about gross motor activities and why you need to invest in gross motor skills toys for your little one. 

Ready? Let's begin! 

What Are Gross Motor Skills?

Children need to learn two fundamental skills in early childhood if you want them to become fully functional, independent adults. These are fine motor skills and gross motor skills

However, both kinds of skills offer something different. For example, in gross motor skills development, a child learns to develop balance skills and walk using their body muscles and joints. 

Whereas a fine motor skill is tying a shoelace or brushing your teeth. You can find motor development products for fine and gross motor skills to help your child development with these new tasks. 

But why are balance and coordination important for children? 

The Importance of Balance and Coordination

You've probably seen balance toys for toddlers in your local shop or online, but most people don't know why this gross motor equipment is crucial for children and their physical therapy.

Depending on your child's age, balance allows them to participate in sports activities and play outdoors with their friends.

Gross motor skill toys enable children to learn the basics of coordination and balance so they can go out into the world feeling confident and included with their peers.

Not only should outdoor equipment for gross motor development be a crucial part of socialising your child, but it helps prevent any serious injuries from playing. 

Think of it this way; if your child gets on a bike and doesn't know how to balance and coordinate the mechanics, they'll most likely fall and be hurt. So, enrolling them on a gross motor skills program will avoid disasters. Adding training wheels to their bike, or using balance boards for example.

But, you don't have to sign up for classes; you can assist your child's development of these critical skills right at home! 

How to Nurture Gross Motor Skills

If you notice that your child is struggling with their balance and coordination, there are several ways to encourage them to get confident on their feet and feel balanced when going about their days. 

First, you can try doing some fun activities together! 

Activities for Gross Motor Skills

Whether you have equipment for gross motor development or not, you can always assist your children with their growth by getting the family involved with enjoyable activities. 

For example, did you know that egg and spoon races are one of the best games for gross motor skills?

Well, they are! 

And all you need is a spoon and a few eggs to play with. It's good to have a batch of eggs in case a few get broken throughout the game. Then, set up a space outdoors, and make the finish line with some tape.

Your child will love this game. It's messy and fun, but it teaches them how to balance and use their body's large muscles to coordinate movement. So, it's the best of both worlds. 

Alternatively, you can try hopscotch, stepping stones, climbing stairs or an obstacle course to challenge your little one to try new things and work out solutions to problems. The great thing about these games is they are simple and easy to do. 

However, if you want gross motor toys for extra support, the following section has you covered. 

Gross Motor Equipment Australia

At Sensory Assist, we have a great collection of gross motor toys that are a wonderful way for children needing some support learning these skills. 

You can find gross motor toys for all occasions, even bathtime! 

Bath Toy Basketball Hoop and Balls

Parents are always looking for ways to make bathtime more relaxing and calm for their children. So, why not give them gross motor toys to play with?

This mini basketball hoop is made with mesh material that is easy to dry and can be used many times. The suction cup allows you to pop it onto a wall near the bathtub for your child.

Children can squirt water from the balls and practice their throwing simultaneously. It's perfect. 

Senso Dot Ball 4”

This is the toy for you if you're looking for a ball to take outside the bath. 

It comes in various colours, so your child can pick their favourite colour and start playing catch right away. This toy also promotes crawling and exploration, which is ideal for young toddlers learning to walk. 

The interactive texture is also excellent for guiding your child through the process of throwing and retrieving the ball.

For special needs children, this provides more stimulus and will inspire them to keep developing gross motor skills. Plus, you can take it with you anywhere!


Caterpillars are always a huge hit amongst kids for their cute appearance and colourful personality. In addition, you can use this toy to teach fine and gross motor skills as it has a dressing feature for children.

Your little one can learn about the different sections and zips through playing, which will help them transfer the skills into their daily life.

And it's super adorable! 

So, it works as a cuddle toy and a learning tool.

Look at our website and browse our collection to find something you like. 

A Toy for Every Stage

Children are constantly learning and developing, so gross motor skills are another factor to consider when raising a child. But luckily, with the right tools and toys, it can be a fun journey as a parent.

For children on the spectrum, toys are not just about entertainment; they can help teach them vital life communication skills that they will carry with them for the rest of their lives.

That means investing in a toy from sensory assist is a forever present, and your little one can keep it throughout life. 

So, what are you waiting for?

Order now and treat your child to an exciting new toy!

Get in touch if you have any questions.

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