Rainbow Hand Pressure Sensory Toy

Rainbow Hand Pressure Sensory Toy

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Choking hazard. Small parts.

This Rainbow Hand Pressure Sensory Toy lets you squeeze your worries away and build hand strength while you're at it. The unique design features a circle inside, in which two suction cups meet in the middle. The bright colours are satisfying and feature a rainbow-like pattern of red, green, blue, purple, and pink. 

Squeeze Away Your Stress

This little hand toy may not look like much, but it's strong enough that you can squeeze it without fear of breaking it. So anytime you're feeling stressed or overwhelmed, give it a few squeezes until you start to feel better. You can also use this sensory toy as a tool to help you concentrate and stay on track. 

Build Your Hand Strength

This toy isn't only great for helping you relieve stress and build your hand strength. If building hand strength is your goal, try squeezing this toy as hard as possible and holding it tight for a few seconds. Then, release and repeat between five and ten times, depending on where you're at in your hand strengthening journey. 

Portable Design

This sensory toy is small enough to carry around with you. Please put it in a bag or carry it around. However, you feel most comfortable. Then, it'll be there whenever you need to squeeze your worries away, even if you're away from home, school, or the office. 

Make It a Game

This fun rainbow-coloured sensory toy can be made into gameplay by yourself, your family, or friends. Squeeze the toy as hard as possible and make the suction cups stick together. You can give anyone who makes the cups suction a point. Or, you can declare the first person to do it the winner. There's no right or wrong way to play. You make up the rules!