Teeter Popper

Teeter Popper

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A unique instrument for play... how it's used is up to the kids!

Whether they rock it, roll it, sit in it or stand... kids want to move with Teeter Popper! How wildly fun it is!

“POP-POP-POP... POP-POP-POP!” Senses go for a ride every time they play.

A cinch to maneuver - stand, sit, rock, tilt, wobble, wiggle, spin. How children play is however they choose.

Hand kids a Teeter Popper and walk away... but don't look away. Seeing the curiosity, the surprise, the concentration on their faces as they attempt new movements is something you don't want to miss. Teeter-popping excitement is catching, (so are their giggles).

Kids find themselves teetering on the brink of perfect physical play. No special skills needed. In playful exploration, Teeter Popper improves core strength, stability, leg strength, balance, coordination and gross-motor skills.

Curiosity wakes up, senses come alive, imagination engages, and creativity gets moving!

Teeter Popper!
Arouses curiosity, stimulates senses, engages imagination, encourages creativity
Improves core strength & stability, balance, coordination and gross-motor skills
A cinch to maneuver - stand, sit, rock, tilt, wobble!
Pleasant POPPING sound rewards movement
Developmental challenge in unique form
Unlimited ways to play
Attractive & simple
Appealing to young children
Versatile shape and bright colors
Silicone suction cups
Highly durable plastic body
Appeals to a wide range of ages
Dimensions (inches): 28 L x 11.5 W x 7.5 D
Weight limit: Approximately 110 lbs

ASTRA's Best Toys for Kids Award

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On your mark, get set, go! Give that special child in your life the opportunity to let loose. The Teeter Popper by Fat Brain Toy is an intense and crazy ride that can make any kid smile. It provides hours of laughter and amusement.

Rock and Roll With the Teeter Popper

Spurring imagination and creativity, the Teeter Popper is great for rocking and rolling. A kid can sit in it or stand on it. Limited only by their imagination, they might want to twist, wobble, and spin this colourful toy. To them, it could become a spaceship, car, surfboard, plane, roller coaster, or anything else. The sky's the limit when it comes to what the Teeter Popper can do.

Product Design

This award-winning Fat Brain Toy exclusive is sturdy and durable and made from ABS and food-grade silicone. Its curved seat has handles on the edges for added stability.

Available in an array of vivid colours, this high-quality toy won't fade over time. But what makes it so much fun are the suction cups at the bottom of the design. They create a popping sound that's wildly enthusiastic.

Teeter Popper Benefits

Encouraging activity, the Teeter Popper improves strength, coordination, balance, gross motor skills, and stability. Its popping noises make this a satisfying tactile toy, and the rocking motion promotes a sense of calm in fidgeting children.

Taking Care of the Teeter Popper

The Teeter Popper is best suited for kids ages three and up. However, weight is more of a factor for this design. Though it's sturdy and will stand up to regular use, no one over 50 kilograms should use this product. If you see signs of any damage, discontinue use.

Another important part of Teeter Popper care is routine cleaning. Use warm, soapy water or a sanitising spray to wipe down the product. Let it completely dry before playtime.