Must-Haves In Our Sensory Travel Pack

Travelling can often bring stress, particularly for families managing sensory sensitivities. At Sensory Assist, we're committed to transforming your travel experiences into enjoyable and seamless journeys. To support this, we've crafted a guide detailing our recommended sensory travel pack essentials. Explore a variety of carefully chosen items below, each selected to cater to both you and your children's sensory needs during your travels.


Ear Plugs

Headphones and Ear Plugs

Noise can be overwhelming, particularly in crowded places like airports, train stations, or busy tourist spots. Our range of headphones and ear plugs offer a comfortable solution to manage auditory input, allowing you to control your sound environment effectively.

IG Mini

IQ Mini Game

Keep your mind sharp and engaged with our compact IQ Mini Game. It's perfect for those moments of waiting or downtime, offering a variety of puzzles that challenge your cognitive skills in a fun, stimulating way.

Infinity Cube Fidget

Infinity Cube Fidget

For hands that need to move, the Infinity Cube Fidget is a must-have. It’s smooth, folding motion and durable design provide an endless source of comfort and focus, making it an excellent tool for anxiety relief and concentration.

Magnetic Pad

Magnetic Pad

Our Magnetic Pad offers a creative outlet for all ages. Draw, write, or simply fidget with the magnetic stylus and beads. It's a quiet, mess-free way to stimulate your senses and express yourself during your travels.

Puzzle Ball

Puzzle Ball

Engage in a hands-on challenge with the Puzzle Ball. This portable puzzle combines problem-solving with fine motor skill development, offering a satisfying task that can be picked up and put down as needed, making it a perfect travel companion.

Silicone Slap Band

Silicone Slap Band

The Silicone Slap Band is not only a fun, retro accessory but also a discreet fidget tool. Its soft, silicone material provides a comforting texture, while the slap mechanism offers a satisfying motion to keep stress at bay.

Glow Travel Sleep Easy - Travel Easy

Our portable Travel Lamp ensures you can create a soothing environment wherever you are. With Pink Noise, Red LED Light and an Aroma nebuliser, it can help maintain your or your kid’s sleep routine or provide a calming presence in unfamiliar surroundings.

Packing for Peace of Mind

Bringing along sensory-friendly tools can significantly enhance your travel experience. We hope our guide will help you create your own sensory travel pack. Recognising that sensory needs vary from person to person, we invite you to reach out for tailored recommendations. Safe travels and enjoy your sensory-friendly journey ahead!

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